Sex work after lockdown

You can’t please all of the people all of the time.
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It seems not long ago that Covid-19 broke out and we were forced into lockdown, and now we are nearly into level 2. According to the government business website, in level 2, non-medical massage (the mind boggles, but non-medical massage must surely include sensual massage) is permitted under the proviso that certain information is collected and held for contact tracing purposes, and PPE is used.  A note to anyone collecting such contact details, read the Privacy Commission’s website where there is plenty of information about the law in this regard.

New Zealand shut down early and fast and a lot of people were caught unawares.  Many ladies in the sex industry have high expenses and as a result, were unable to have much of a nest egg there for a rainy day.  It is a little known fact that the sex industry is not as profitable (well, it can profitable, but such profitability is not really sustainable) as it is portrayed.

While the government provided wage subsidies, many ladies work under the radar and were not able to access them.  This is because the sex industry is not, and will probably never be, free of stigma, even within the actual industry.  It’s because of the need to give up “society’s blessing on ones life” that sex workers charge such a high hourly rate, but trying to have it both ways, many sex workers keep this small aspect of their lives a secret.

It turns out many New Zealanders have lost their jobs and newspapers have reported that brothels have had a higher number of enquiries than usual from recently unemployed ladies.  I wish them well.  I also worry for them a little.  What I know now is worth sharing.  One thing I would like to impart, speaking from my own experience, is that while you may come across some bad eggs, (and unfortunately in the sex industry, bad eggs seem to be especially rotten), they are few and far between compared to the wonderful amount of support you can receive if you are open to it.  If you would prefer to keep to yourself, that is also acceptable, but I can attest to having made lifelong friends of both ladies and clients.

The sex industry can be a fantastic way to get back on your financial feet, particularly if it is a temporary stop-gap.  It is advisable where possible, to get in and out of the sex industry as quickly as you can and get back on with your life.

While some ladies may worry that they are too old or too fat or not enough of something else, I hope they can get a boost of confidence when they realise that maturity is considered sexy by some clients, if there is “more of you to love” size wise, this is also a turn on for some, and knowing your way around a man’s body is as attractive to some as a 20 year old ingenue with a tight little booty and A cup bra is attractive to others.  I would recommend to anyone who needs to do this work, to not let anyone’s opinion put you off if they imply you are not good enough.  While I may have a long page full of wonderful reviews, mostly from clients who write them on the adult forum, as you can hear from the voice message left for me in the video above from an anonymous sex industry client, I am not immune to the odd “hater” either.  That’s life.

The sex industry is exciting and many new ladies get a new lease of life on entry into it.  Full of enthusiasm, while being open-hearted however, please don’t be too quick to trust.  Keep your private information about your non-sex work life to yourself.  Getting outed is a thing.  Sadly, some have also had to learn the hard way that even those one would expect to support sex workers can not always be trusted with ones private information.

The main thing I would recommend is to treat others how you would like to be treated, both clients and other sex workers.  We are all people with feelings just trying to get on in the world.  Be kind to yourself mostly, and expect others to follow suit.  <3


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