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I share my favourites from the world of culture: film, music and the arts on my “keeper” list. These ones are all erotic and/or sex work related.

My favourite typecast actress would have to be Anita Morris, who normally plays the horny redhead. You will recognise her from the She Was Hot (Rolling Stones) video; her cougar waitress (moonlighting unofficially as a sex worker)character who is paid after taking the virginity of the character played by Rob Lowe in Hotel New Hampshire (brilliant movie with a great message, also starring a young Jodie Foster) and the conniving red haired sexpot trying to outsmart Danny deVito’s character (in video above and here) in my all time favourite movie Ruthless People. She also made a guest appearance playing the same type of femme fatale in the TV series Cheers episode “Dog Bites Cliff”.

My favourite highly suggestive and very intimate song by a New Zealand artist is When You Come written by Neil Finn. I’m sorry, call me dirty-minded (as if I’d care) but I get nothing out of this song other than an intensely hot, loving relationship and a man worshipping with wonder and revelling in his part in the partnership of his partner’s orgasm. Gets me excited every time but also a little embarrassed because it’s so personal. It’s like you’re in the room perving.

My favourite opera is Puccini’s Madame Butterfly about a Japanese geisha who falls in love with and still hankers after an American sailor who has gone home and married an American girl. A cautionary tale. New Zealand Ballet did a beautiful production of this story a few years ago. (I also saw a brilliant dance performance of Bizet’s Carmen, another great female character – she has an attitude: I want to be free to love who I want! also with disastrous results sadly.)

My favourite Tarantino movie is True Romance featuring a tough yet sweet former sex worker who embarks on a crazy Bonnie and Clyde type of adventure with her last client. Being a true romantic I loved the happy ending. Close behind on the list of my favourite Tarantino movies is Jackie Brown, not a sex worker but a strong, fearless woman who happens to be hot in a sexy, curvaceous, womanly way. (She probably wouldn’t baulk at sex work either.)  NB These movies contain violence, drugs and sex scenes.

My favourite erotic song of all time has to be Everybody Here Wants You from Jeff Buckley’s posthumous album ‘Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk’. Who could possibly resist being aroused by the sensuous timbre in the dreamy opening and lyrics such as “coffee smell and lilac skin, your flame in me, I’m only here for this moment”. A close third on the list after the Crowded House song I mentioned before would probably be Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On, a perennial motivator to listen to during those awkward who-likes-who-the-most situations before a new relationship is acknowledged to exist.

My favourite erotic artwork would have to be Brett Whiteley’s famous Self-portrait in the Studio which won the prestigious Archibald prize at the Art Gallery of NSW. (I think one year he won all three of the top Aussie art prizes at the same time – the other two being the Wynne and the Sulman). His muse was his wife Wendy Whiteley usually, I’m not sure if she posed for this painting, but he has cleverly painted himself painting a nude in recognisable Whiteley style in his studio. The painting also features real hair which he stuck on, he was a redhead. Some may not have the same visceral response to this artwork as I, and this could be because of my well-known adoration of red-haired men, but I also suspect it has to do with my experiences with art lessons in the past. I’ve always thought life drawing is extremely sexy, a naked person being looked at scrupulously, don’t try and tell me those artists (and maybe even the models) aren’t thinking dirty thoughts, every time I’ve been to a class I’ve barely concealed my rosy-faced arousal. I once went to a life drawing class and took home the nude male model afterwards, once he’d got dressed of course.

And last but not least, my favourite pornstar is Manuel Ferrara. With a face like the aforementioned Jeff Buckley’s if he’d lived long enough to age, the body of a hunky mature dude and a cock like, well, Manuel Ferrara, how could he go wrong? He’s an award-winning porn actor, yes they have awards, and my fondest dream for many years was to possess for my private pleasure a Manuel Ferrara Realistic Dong.   Then one day, a generous friend sent me one as a gift. I am now able to breathlessly whisper very naughty things about how I am playing with it.

Aren’t realistic dongs a great idea? I was just discussing dildos with a friend the other day when she wondered aloud whether or not Jason Sudeikis had put out a realistic dong for members of the public to purchase…

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