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Sex work is hot!

That lady with the chopsticks at the beginning of the video.  I get like that.

So, sex work can be pretty darn hot.  Sometimes I feel like a slutty 16 year old all over again.  (Other days not so much.)  But it is so much fun when it is hot: sex is mind-altering, mind-blowing.

Every now and then I have one of those days where it is more than a pleasure to fuck the brains out of some guy.  You know some guy who walks into the room and I can’t keep my hands off him.

I love cocks, I am a real man’s woman.  I like to be the feminine woman.  I love that I get to have (safe) sex with lots of men, in my eyes they are mostly hot, and they are usually very aroused men.  And I love to get paid obviously.  Every man is different, and when I am with him, I am excited to enjoy his body.  And afterwards, I sometimes still think about him, and glide around the rest of my life thinking my own private erotic thoughts.

Outside of work, well, I am not Amber. Being Amber is my own fantasy.

But then he might say, “Amber, we’ve had an amazing time – can I see you outside work?”  He means, for free, gratis, like fuck buddies.  However, outside of work, well, I am not Amber.  Being Amber is my own fantasy.  So I always say no.

I hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone.

4 Responses to Sex work is hot!

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