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What do blow jobs have in common with Lobster Thermidor?
We don’t get Lobster Thermidor at home much either.

If you don’t get blow jobs much at home, as this well-known joke hints, you’re in luck, because most sex workers claim to love blow jobs, and in fact most quote the humble blow job as their particular specialty in their advertisements.  Pretty cool that so many specialise in it, right?

As most of my sex worker friends and I love to discuss sex, the subject of french or blow jobs comes up frequently.  One can never know too much about how to give a good blow job, and doubles with other sex workers are also useful to see what looks great from the outside and what gets the best reaction from the lucky man being blown.  Some sex workers hold their blow job giving secrets close to their chests, although I am not entirely sure why.  It is easy to give a good blow job, and hard to give a bad one, unless one is too careless with ones teeth or repetitive with ones technique.  Unless a blow job is causing pain, most men are possibly grateful to get any kind of blow job, willingly given.

I still occasionally get asked if I would give a blow job to a client sans condom.  Once a reply I gave a man requesting this caused him to get so upset I had to offer another session but generally I say no and mostly clients are cool with this.  Sometimes at that point I enquire as to whether they have received uncovered blow jobs with other girls, perhaps that is why they are asking?  Surprisingly (or not) the answer is usually yes, followed by the name of the girls who do bbbj (bare back blow job).  Besides the risk to my reputation (see previous sentence) and health risks (to me, mostly if I couldn’t identify what is most likely to be a healthy penis), it’s also illegal in this country.  So c’est la vie.

I have been in a double with another lady when the client could not get it up and the lady I was doing a threesome with not-so-subtley removed the condom and continued with the blow job.  It made no difference to the man’s ability to get it up, sadly.  Some (not all) Australian independent sex workers do it uncovered BUT they are likely to have been trained to recognise signs of STDs and besides that, they charge a much higher hourly rate (at least three times the rate New Zealand sex workers charge – and an even higher rate if their service includes CIM or coming in mouth).

Blow jobs happen to be one of my favourite things, well, there are lots of things I enjoy.  Obviously it is much more pleasant to perform or receive oral sex without a condom, but the law is the law and it is there to protect us all.  Imagine the lucky man who gets to go around sex workers doing the blow job stings – he gets a blow job, asks a sex worker to remove the condom, and if she does, announces she has just performed an illegal act and she’s under arrest.  (Maybe it happens in America).

I like blow jobs because there is a myriad of things you can do with a penis with your mouth.  This is where mouths are superior to most vaginas, which of course do not contain a tongue.  And then there is the contrast of the soft lips, with the ability of the mouth to suck strongly.

Blow jobs can be done with the mouth open to provide a visual as well as a sensual experience, and most women enjoy being watched and making eye contact with the man who owns the penis they are playing with.  I love to peak to see how he is responding and sometimes there is a nice connection between myself and the object of my attention when the gaze is held.

Being vocal while performing deep throat must surely be an interesting sensation for a cock as the vocal chords vibrate against it as well.   While a small cock may not be able to benefit from the pleasures of deep throat as much as a larger cock, which can obviously go deeper, there are other things a smaller or medium-sized cock can enjoy which a large cock can’t, such as balls being licked while the cock is still in the mouth.

And I have only discussed what happens when a cock is inside a mouth.  Imagine all the other things a woman can do with her tongue and lips without them enclosing the cock.  They are too numerous to name.

If you like blow job jokes, ask me to tell you the one about the nun, hooker and housewife eating bananas at the bus stop.  It’s one of my favourites.  (I’m always up for dirty jokes, by the way).

Cocksucking is one of the things I most missed while being a sex-deprived office worker and when I was back in my boudoir seeing clients, I could hardly wait to wrap my mouth around my clients’ packages.  No holding back – the joys of sex work.

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  1. […] It seems that Google+ has a bit of a problem with my G+ing my blog posts, due to the content, even though they all link to my blog, which has the standard Blogger (owned by Google) R18 warning page.  Regarding the posts themselves, I like to think they are more about intrigue rather than porn, except perhaps this post about going down, which had a rather delicious feature image of a man, well, going down.  I like to think my blog is more a historical resource (kinda), with my own brand of subtle education for those who are interested, as well as a bit of commentary and review.  It’s just my voice in my little corner of this place, from New Zealand where sex work is 100% legal.  Heck, some of what I write may even be useful for sex workers.  And I admit there is the titillating. […]

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