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Who are my clients?

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Some people are curious and I have been asked who my clients are. I suspect to make themselves feel better about their negative attitudes towards sex work and to feel removed from it as much as possible, some like to think of sex workers’ clients as revolting, perverse and generally unattractive men, the other, whom they are unlikely to have known. Let me assure you that in my experience this is not the case. The men we have sex with for money are your average men.  They are in everyone’s lives as boyfriends, husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. I’m delighted to have met most of my clients.

In fact I am often amazed and feel quite fortunate to have met some of the men I have had sex for profit with. I have met an interesting cross-section of society from some of Christchurch’s most public dudes whom I may have recognised from the media (not that I’d be so crass to blow their cover when I meet them or at any point afterwards – even the ladies I work with would vouch for me that I have never disclosed identities of clients even to them) to the low-key.  Rarely will a client be inclined to make a big song and dance about their being distinguished or important in their career and how extra efforts, whatever they could possibly be, should be made to ensure their privacy as we all know that each and every man has the same requirements as far as discretion goes but occasionally it does happen. (“Oh meh, you’re only a lawyer.  Providing you don’t attempt to murder me or harm me, your identity will not be front page news”.)

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It takes every kind of people to make what life’s about.  We were all born equally naked and here we have found ourselves again inside my boudoir: naked together and equal. Just how I like it. Let the hot sex begin.

People often ask if I’m busy. Most definitely not. As a woman of a certain age I attract a clientele who is confident in their sexual know-how, knows how to ask for what they want and is most likely equally interested in my pleasure.  Some clients are extremely skilled in the bedroom, like the musician whose fine motor skills clearly are superior after years of rhythmic finger work.  I like to think I attract quality over quantity and am quite happy about that. I am genuinely interested in men and have few enough clients that I can mostly remember each of them which I consider to be a fortunate situation.  It means my work does not overwhelm me, I get to enjoy a simple and unhurried life with little touches of luxury here and there – I’m old enough to know what the real richness of life consists of. And I consider that as far as work goes, some of my clients are the equivalent of sexual touches of luxury.

Who would not want my adorable clients – mine are truly the Cream of the Crop as far as their attitudes towards sex workers go. It is well known that some of the under 25s must suffer through back-to-back bookings with the Cream of the Crap who have a penchant for one-sided pleasure with child-like sex workers or those much younger than themselves (each to their own) but by virtue of my maturity, I don’t have that problem.

I am doing sex work because I honestly enjoy it. However without my clients I would not have an income.  God bless my lovely clients whom I truly value and enjoy.  They know they can call me any day whether I am advertising or not and I will do my best to see them.  I even saw a lovely gentleman on a day off which happened to be my birthday, his gift to me was a glorious orgasm. As much as possible, when I am in town, I will always go the extra mile for those clients of mine, that’s how high they are in my estimation. So don’t look down on me because I am a sex worker and have sex for profit as this is how I have designed my lifestyle for now and I consider that I am truly the lucky one.

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