What it’s like to be the only one

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I’ve been in touch with a few escorts from Australia as well as one or two kiwi escorts now working over the ditch.  It seems that even though our laws are similar, that is, that penetrative oral sex must also be covered, in recent times, in Australia sex workers have begun to mostly offer unprotected oral sex (known as BBBJ*).  

My colleague Stephanie Hunter is one of the few independent Australian escorts who do not offer BBBJ and she has established herself as a high-end escort.  She is an international travel companion, escort, call girl.  But it wasn’t always like this, so I asked her to provide a history of the industry in her view, to tell me her story.  I also asked her how she is so successful while not offering unprotected services, it seems she has turned her consideration of sexual health into a point of difference.

The title may be a little misleading. I am not the only one, but one of the very few, lets just say, who refuses to change. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

In life, you need to learn to  crawl, before you can walk, and before you can run.  In the adult industry it is exactly the same.  In that exact same order.   I am more or less a veteran in my industry.  I began working in my early 20s initially for an escort agency.  I was so green.  I knew absolutely nothing about it.  That was my crawling stage.  I studied the ladies I worked with.  I was in awe of their abilities and worldly experience.  I soaked up their knowledge like a sponge.  I was fascinated.

I soon got tired of the escort agency and wanted to explore further.   I then explored the options of working in brothels.  That was interesting.  Back in those days, brothels like the Daily Planet were so much fun to work in. The atmosphere is very different to today.  Back then, it was one giant party.  The women were glamorous, truly they looked like models and actually took the time to look elegant. The men were generous and fun.  It was a different era.

This was a time when ladies made a killing every night without too much effort.  There wasn’t the competitive backhanded undercutting schemes employed by some of the ladies new to the industry today.  There really were unwritten rules, and somehow everyone followed them.

At that time, there were few ladies who worked privately.  Most either worked for agencies or brothels. The registration process in Victoria put a lot of ladies off from working privately. As a result, there was maybe only half a dozen that worked privately.  And we all knew each other and looked after each other.

After my stints in brothels I decided to work privately.  I did all the right things, register etc and decided private work was for me.  I wanted to be in control of what I did and when I did it.  It was naturally the next step!

I haven’t looked back.


I registered my international website in 2000.  I was one of the first ladies to do that at the time.  Internet advertising was very new in Australia, but established in the US, before social media was around.


I still own it for sentimental reasons.  The domain name has been very good to me.

In that period, I managed to also take large periods of time off from the industry and actually have a life. The last big break was nearly 7 years.  When I did come back, I found the industry in shambles.

Now, there are thousands of  ladies that work privately.  They have moved away from agencies and brothels and discovered what I discovered in 2000.  There is also a big difference of how they have embraced that change.  Not all of it good, and it hasn’t been refined yet in many ways.

Gone are the days where ladies actually looked out for each other.  Now we find (even illegal) services provided which were never provided in the past, in the hope of getting clients.  It smells and looks of desperation.  Although the economy has changed, there are still plenty of clients, more than enough for everyone.

In the past, a client would not even consider asking you to give him a blow job without a condom.  That was just not the done thing.  Today, it seems a great number of them consider it standard service.

There are several reasons why I would never provide a BBBJ service – the one most common service on offer in Australia at the moment, even though it’s illegal.  Best reason and most important one for me is this one:  Despite wide misconceptions by many, it is taking a risk.  When a risk with your health is taken, at some point, you will bear the consequences regretfully.  Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually you will.  It’s a percentage thing with russian roulette.

Most common STI contracted through BBBJ are: gonorrhea, genital herpes and syphilis.  Some of the less likely, yet still possible STIs to catch through unprotected blow jobs are: chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis A, B, C and genital warts.

It’s really a no brainer when you look at these risks.  The more risks are taken, the greater the chance of contracting these nasty STIs.  Any of you can confirm these with a doctor.  I did.

There is also PSE (porn star experience), GFE (girlfriend experience), CIM (come in mouth), BBBJ and the list goes on and on.

I studied and analysed this enormous change when I first came back and made a firm unwavering decision.  A decision that has served me extremely well.  And I am so glad I did.

Some of the issues I considered were:
1. Was I prepared to put my health at risk for a quick $$? Answer: No
2. Was I prepared to be firm under pressure to do anything I was not comfortable with? Answer: Yes
3. Was I prepared for long periods of not making money as a result? Answer: Yes
4. Was I prepared for the backlash from the industry because of my views? Answer: Yes
5. Was I prepared to market myself in a different way with long term results? Answer: Yes

Initially, it was hard.  It was very, very hard.

Building your clientele base from almost scratch was harder, especially since I refused to provide an unsafe service which was/is the norm of today.  But in time, I have successfully managed to rebuild my clientele, and it is regular and comfortable.  I haven’t sacrificed my belief system because of pressure from an evolving industry.

I looked at my strengths and weaknesses, and concentrated on my strengths.

I worked towards establishing long-term connections with clients.  Repeat business with like-minded individuals. I nurtured them, and concentrated on these.  When you establish a long term client relationship, the lines are blurred.  You become friends almost.  And working doesn’t feel like working when seeing them.  It becomes a “date” and you can be yourself.  And they feel that too.

I have and continue to concentrate on quality clients, smaller number but quality clientele.

My age, being a more mature lady, has also played a great role in getting better clients.  As a result, majority of my appointments are dinners and lunches.  Because business men, mature gents, do not want to go out to lunch with a twenty-something lady.  Mainly because it looks odd and conversation doesn’t flow as easily as someone more worldly and older. It’s just a fact, not a judgement.


In summary, I don’t mind being one of the few ladies in Australia that does not offer BBBJ*, Anal, PSE* or CIM*.  I actually love that.  I offer something that can’t be replicated and easily acquired by the masses.  And my regular clientele know what that is and must be of value, otherwise, I wouldn’t have a clientele base and still be in demand.

In case you were unable to keep track:
* BBBJ – bare back blowjob or oral sex without a condom
* PSE – porn star experience
* CIM – come in mouth

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