Touring Roundup

photo-6The Canterbury Plains from the air

I have recently completed a wee bit of touring and I thought I would post a few thoughts here.

A number of you read my post where I mentioned an incident at a motel, and attention was brought to other incidents where touring working girls had left without paying or had been having problems.  I have since been speaking to a number of moteliers and heard that this is disappointingly commonplace among working girls.  It’s a disgrace is all I can say.  The ultimate in cheapskateness – revolting.  Even our fabulous working girl-friendly motelier in Dunedin is allowing fewer working girls to use his accommodation because of the number of WGs, who use designated rooms with discreet access, who have done a runner without paying.

I myself had something quite embarrassing happen at a place I have worked from several times with great parking and private access for clients but where I had never actually disclosed I was “working” – I thought they may be aware but turning a blind eye as previously I had requested extra towels without a problem.  This particular time I asked the housekeeping for extra towels and the woman, around my age, said “you have already had five extra towels and I won’t be giving you any more.”  I said I was quite happy to pay for them, but she got up from where she was making the bed and came over to me and loudly said, “you’ve also had a lot of visitors.”  “Is that a problem?” I enquired.  She replied, “are you a working girl?”  “Is that a problem?” I repeated.  “I will have to check with my General Manager,” she replied rather threateningly.

This conversation happened in front of all the house keeping staff and it took all I had to turn and walk back to my room with my head held high.  She must have been on the phone to the GM immediately, because she came fairly quickly to my room with 5 extra towels and said the general manager did not have a problem with me being here, but to let her know in advance if I needed more towels as they would have to order them in.  However, the fact that she had been observing comings and goings and judging left me feeling rather soiled.  Thank god for an open-minded general manager, who would have checked and seen that I have paid for at least 14 nights there in the past without an issue.  At least after that, housekeeping kept a low profile and gave me towels without question.

It also made me feel a new appreciation for moteliers who, without a fuss, let us work from their establishments.  In any business, we need our suppliers to like us, so we need to pay them and do the right thing by them.  For example, an ice cream business is not going to get on very well if they don’t pay the ice cream cone suppliers as they will stop supplying them cones and if word spreads around the other cone suppliers that they do not pay their bills, the other suppliers will also not sell them cones.  They may switch to serving icecreams in paper cups (which would probably cost more than cones) but again, if they don’t pay for them, that supply will also soon also dry up.  So it is with moteliers and other working girl accommodation – they facilitate what we do, without them, we will all be doing outcalls or working from the streets, where there are increased dangers.

On my travels, I have also met quite a few twitter, facebook and forum members and it is always a pleasure to put a face (etc) to the name.  I have never had any problem with anyone from these networks asking for illegal or “special” services, unless they are the same ones that still text or call asking for this, although none of those texters have had the audacity to let me know that we are connected online in this way in order to get special treatment or imply they will review me negatively if not given it, as I have heard others have attempted to do.  Thankfully the ones from these online communities I have met are far too classy for those kind of dodgy goings on and really the try-it-ons among these punters who belong to the said networks should know better, as there is always talk on forums etc about which services are illegal as well as etiquette and kind advice around using escort services. Recently a few working girls asserted their opinions on a forum at this kind of almost standover tactic, when an attempt to do so was called out by a brave newcomer.

To be fair though, so far, I have found all these people from facebook, twitter or forums that I’ve met turned out to be real sweethearts, including the other ladies, and other clients who I have not had bookings with but met socially.  What do we talk about?  Well, twitter, facebook, and forums of course: the crazy, the sweet, the hot and the funny tweets and threads and participants.

A couple of gentlemen sent some nice accounts of our intimate time together in the form of reviews for my website, which can be an erotic trip down memory lane for me, since I know the details of our encounters. However, just in case I’m getting a bit too big for my britches with all this lovely attention from men in my boudoir and the occasional comment about my youthful countenance, some humourous things happened on this tour to bring me back to earth. For example, a man called and, on ascertaining I was a 50 year old who charges $200 for an hour, replied that I was “dreaming” and that he “wouldn’t root a sheep for $200”, implying a sheep would be preferable to a 50 year old escort.  I was not at all offended though and maybe you had to be there and have heard it for yourself, as the mental image of this gruff-voiced man attempting to pay a sheep $200 to shag him caused me to roll on the bed laughing (notwithstanding sympathy for the poor sheep, of course) whenever it came to mind over the evening.

Another young man, whose location and nationality will remain secret, came and saw me and asked me if he could call me grandma while we fucked. (Of course I let him.  I love indulging clients’ fantasies and kinks.)  I’m not quite ready to go from advertising as a MILF to GILF but I thought it was quite fun all the same.  Maybe I do seem pretty ancient, where’s that face cream?  Actually, despite him requesting that, which some ladies could have considered an insult, our time together was especially steaming-up-the-windows hot.  I also loved him snuggling into my tender, matronly bosom when it was over.  Vive la sexwork!

Even though, due to other commitments at home, I can now no longer tour for more than 2 or 3 days at a time, I still intend to explore the country.  I am now home in Christchurch until mid-June, perhaps with the occasional day trip to nearby places such as Timaru and Ashburton once appropriate working girl-friendly accommodation is found which I can confidently return to without issue (and maybe even a night or two in Nelson, which I missed this trip).  I am happy to bring my own towels as I will be likely travelling in my own vehicle so if you would like to host me in small, nearby towns, please get in touch.  Meanwhile, my clients in Christchurch know that when I am back, even if not currently advertising, I will always fit them in if they wish to come up and see me.  Bookings in advance are always honoured.

I went to Blenheim, Wellington, Palmerston North and Queenstown and got treated like a lady by everyone who visited me.  Thanks so much for your support of myself and other touring girls.  We go to a bit of trouble to come to your towns and your booking us and treating us well will bring us back again.  So on that note, please keep checking my touring page if you would like to know when planned tours to your area get confirmed and I look forward to seeing you again then.

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