To the men who respond to my newspaper advertisements

my little advert

Please don’t think that because I’m advertising in the Press or your free community newspapers, alongside the traditionally lower-priced but sometimes fictional Asian agency ladies, that I am also prepared to offer my services for lesser amounts than I advertise elsewhere.

If the truth be told, I would love to see you, but my normal prices are not negotiable, regardless of whether or not you are a pensioner, or “young and hot” or whatever.  My prices remain the same for everyone – it’s irrelevant how you have found me.

I advertise in the newspapers for a simple reason, not necessarily because I need new clients, although of course I love to meet new gentlemen.  The real reason newspaper advertising is beneficial to me is because it helps with my website’s search engine rankings.  I always advertise my website address, and for some mysterious reason (mysterious because I’m not privy to the search engines’ algorithms) this helps my search engine placement, particularly (I’ve been told) because so many people enter my website address into the search engine’s box rather than straight into the URL line of their browsers.  Sorry to get all geeky on you, I don’t actually understand how search engines work myself.

So there you have it.  I’d love you to come and see me, but please don’t call trying to bargain down the price, that only makes you look rather undesirable.  No, I am not interested in an expensive bottle of champagne, (I’m a friend of Bill W’s for those in the know) and nor do I do drugs.

I have higher overheads than some ladies because I work from a beautiful house, and we use beautiful hotel-quality manchester.  My prices aren’t exhorbitant, I’m not over-priced.  I’m not so vain to think that people should pay a lot to come and see me.  But my prices are fair and if you can’t afford them, please consider patronising the more affordable options for you.  There are ladies who are very nice who work from parlours and from the street* (Manchester Street in Christchurch is where the council likes the street-based sex workers to operate from).  These ladies don’t have the same overheads as I do so can offer a cheaper price.

I also offer a phone sex service if you prefer a more DIY option.  I’m also quite happy for men who are economically-challenged to masturbate for free to my images or anything I write on my blog.  How delightful. Good for you, that is totally free.

Thanks for reading and welcome to my blog. xx

* Don’t think I’m being a smartarse and putting these ladies down (OK, so I was a bit cheeky in the first paragraph about the Asian parlours who are famous for bait and switch) but I’m not talking negatively about the street-based sex workers.  Although I’ve never worked on the streets, I have been a ship girl and know full-well about the supposed social stratum or different classes of sexwork and I am also aware that ship girls back in the day, like street girls are considered the lowest of the low and it’s falsely assumed that they are all strung-out drug-users.  They are actually regular women and make a lot more money in a night than you’d think possible.  The conditions on the street are not as luxurious as other situations but they have a job to do and are quite happy to cater to men who can only afford a more no-frills price or prefer a total bad girl persona.  Their warmth and safety is a concern but if CCC really would turf us independent sex workers out onto the streets, by cracking down on the large number working from discreet but non-complying SOOBs (small owner-operated brothels) due to the shortage of properties out there which comply with the bylaws and the fact that Christchurch recently had a huge earthquake which destroyed the CBD and a lot of houses, creating such a demand for rental properties that it’s impossible to find a by-law-complying house from which to operate, who knows, maybe one day I’d don my wig and join them.  And of course blog about it.

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