The pleasures of non-sex work


I often write about how much I love sex work, and one of the reasons I love it as a lifestyle is because it gives me so much time to get involved with various projects as non-Amber.

Last year I learned a lot about publishing on Amazon kindle by guinea-pigging myself as an author and some little stories I wrote as my product. Sex work not only gave me the time for that but also the material as the stories were about a sex worker named Amber O’Hara (and a little about her quirky non-Amber identity). This year I will be contributing an audio book for Amazon’s off-shoot, Audible, as well as a few more items on the topic of sex work for Kindle and finally, the release of my Sex Work Stories, in hard copy.

As a few people know, I’ll be devoting a lot more time from September to these and other creative projects and as word of my semi-retirement is spreading, a few clients have asked if they can remain my client when I am semi-retired. The answer is yes, I would miss sex work too much and do not intend to fully give it up yet. If you don’t have my number, keep an eye out for my ad or get my number off this website.

I strongly feel that it’s important for sex workers to continue with non-sex work projects and activities. There is always so much more to a person than sex work.

Recently when a sex worker passed away, it was pointed out that sex work was actually only a small aspect of her life, that there was much more to her. Sex work was actually only relevant because her death was at the hands of a client. Her families’ acknowledgment and celebration of the non-sex working person she was brought a tear to my eye.

Our lives are our stories and they are ours to create. How we spend our time and thoughts makes up who we really are. At any point our story can take a different direction. And events in our lives have lead us to this point.

Many of us sex workers are mothers, partners, daughters, sisters and friends who love to cook, garden, sew, knit, keep fit, challenge our bodies, fix and drive cars, build stuff, care for animals, make art, write, travel, think, volunteer etc etc etc. These activities bring us a lot of pleasure and largely make up who we actually are.

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