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japanese flag


I don’t know if it is a thing that japanese people* do – but we jokingly call sex while menstruating “Japanese”, referring to the fact that a large red puddle of blood on a white sheet resembles the japanese flag.

Yes, more squemishness may be in store for you and you may even doubt this but the fact is that there is a fetish for everything: Some men like sex with a woman when she has her period. A man once told me that it feels tight, like she is a virgin, and of course there is blood which is indicative of the breaking of a hymen. During sex between two adults, it is not for us to judge what turns people on, no one is forced to participate. Apparently the Hells Angels have this thing where they get their “red wings” by going down on a woman who is bleeding. Here’s hoping it is with her consent.

Many, possibly even most men, however, find periods or sexual activity when a woman is menstrating the biggest turn off ever.  I know someone who, when younger, went through boyfriends like underwear as she would break up with them if they refused to go down on her when she was bleeding, quite the insult she believed.  She’s now happily married to a guy who is ok with it obviously.

There is always some debate over whether working girls should take a break from sex work during their monthly cycle.  I prefer to take a break and catch up with my book-keeping and financial stuff during this time but if I have a pre-booking, I will try to postpone it without giving the reason (which I consider personal and “too much information”.)  I was once forced to disclose when I offended a treasured client as he wrongly thought I was trying to stop seeing him once and for all!

Working girls commonly wear sponges if they choose to work while they are bleeding and if an occasion arises where I am working around the time when I am expecting my period then I use a sponge too.  I wouldn’t want to get a surprise (which happened to me once before).  This could be disastrous if a man faints at the sight of blood or something.

Anything can happen in a booking and we all generally go with the flow, but let’s not make that the menstrual flow unless specifically asked for.

* When I recently mentioned this blog topic to a client, he said that there is actually a Japanese menstrual fetish. On googling this I discovered he was right.

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