Slightly kink – Greek


The tiniest bit of what I do is slightly kink, so if you get slightly squeamish about anything that is not totally straight you may want to skip this post.  Because it’s about anal.  I first heard about anal sex as an enjoyable concept when I was a young woman.  A friend of mine told me that one of her favourite things to do with her boyfriend was anal sex.  She said it was “beautiful” and a huge turn on.  I, who strived to be open-minded, couldn’t wait to try it.  Apart from the fact that she told me that the first time she’d done it with her boyfriend, without a condom, they had awoken in a rather nasty puddle, it sounded like an interesting indulgence.

The first time I tried it, I didn’t know about lubricant, but my boyfriend, who took some persuading and who even then was a bit sheepish, insisted on using a condom for his own protection anyway, which provided minimal lubrication.  It wasn’t his cup of tea at all, if I was sucking his cock and mentioned we should move on to anal, he would immediately go soft.  When we finally did it, it wasn’t a sex act that was anything to write home about partly due to the fact that he was rather large.  I think I managed to get the head of his cock in and it wasn’t that much of a turn on, in fact it felt like I was doing a big poo.  It was all a bit off-putting, really.  So coupled with my unenthusiastic boyfriend, my anal adventures were shelved for some time.

Since then, I’ve come a long way, and anal is now a sex act that I quite enjoy.  When sufficiently lubricated, which is essential as arseholes obviously don’t have pussy juice, it can be an extremely sensuous feeling – no wonder it is so forbidden.  A friend who is a lover of anal sex prefers men with very tiny penises simply so that she can have as much anal sex as possible, the smaller the penis, the better.

Working girls charge extra for Greek and not everyone does it.  I guess it’s a bit feared, mainly because quite a bit of damage can be inflicted by the wrong client.  This is where the fact that sex work is legal is beneficial because a client can not ignore a request to stop if a sex worker asks him to, due to pain (which is usually a clear indicator of possible injury) or for any other reason.  If he does not stop any sex act as requested, or forces a sex worker to carry out a sex act she is not prepared to do, he will find himself up on a charge in court.  Last year I was a support person for a sex worker who took a (different) complaint about a client to the Police.  The cops were totally fantastic, proactive and supportive.  Absolutely worth paying your taxes for.

I personally allow Greek “at my discretion” which means that if a dude seems like he will be too rough or is simply too big, it will not be happening.  The manageress of an establishment I worked at in Wellington with a rather dry sense of humour told me that when requesting Greek, it is the one time men claim to have small penises.  On top of the hourly or half hourly rate, I charge $100 extra for Greek but I know of ladies who charge more than this depending on size.  One sex worker, who adores Greek sex, has no upper limit on size, and simply charges $100 extra per half inch above three inches, per minute of greek.  As far as I know, she has no shortage of clients.  So, if you have an 7 1/2 inch cock, expect to pay $1000 for one minute of Greek sex.  I guess if you’re really into it, and you know that no one else will allow it due to your size, $1000 for such a treat is worth it.

Essential before Greek sex of course is anal play.  Some sex workers allow anal play without allowing anal sex and charge about $30 extra for this.  Anal play on men can include a prostrate massage, which is apparently the cause of rather mind-blowing orgasms for men like no other, if it’s their thing.

One thing which is a real no-no is anal play which has not been agreed on and usually involves the same fingers which are used for playing with a pussy which are then snuck down for anal play and back up to the pussy.  It sounds harmless enough, but this is one of the causes of urinary tract infections (UTIs) which are the bane of many women’s lives (not just sex workers) as they are extremely uncomfortable at the least and can also be painful and dangerous.  For this reason some sex workers no longer allow play with their pussy, which can be a real shame, because pussy play is great for g-spot stimulation and some of the most delicious orgasms ever.

I adore anal play when surgical gloves are used.  There is something about watching a man pull on those gloves that really does it for me.  Last time I attended an appointment with a gynecologist, a British man of African ancestry, as I watched him putting on the gloves and splaying his fingers, my knees which were bent over his stirrups went quite weak indeed.  It felt like a very exciting treat was in store.  I really had to keep things under control as he began his inspection of my pussy(?)  Or whatever it was he was doing down there, who knows, who cares, not me.  He probably gets that a lot, the forbidden doctor fantasy, most inappropriate.  I also have an excuse for donning gloves myself sometimes when playing with the juicy pussy of my girl playmate to protect her delicate lady parts from my long fingernails.  But, as I always say, that is another blog post.  I’d better get back on topic to greek and anal play…

As I mentioned, lots and lots of lubricant must be used when going anywhere near anyone’s arsehole.  And keep whatever has been in the arsehole well away from the pussy without fresh gloves or a fresh condom.  If these simple rules are followed, a gay old time can indeed be had.  The next logical little thrill could be double penetration with fingers or a vibrator or whatever, but that must also always be at the sex worker’s discretion.

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