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St Georges Day

English is not a term that is commonly used to describe caning and other parallel activities, but apparently it used to be and I feel it is quite obvious where that term came from, for anyone who prior to 1980 had any experience of English-style boarding schools, boys’ boarding schools that is.

I went to a girls’ one, but in attempts to create super-classes of toffee-nosed future mothers and fathers and meet the right boys and girls, we were occasionally put together with our ‘brother school’ (great big halls of sex-starved adolescent males waiting for us as we arrived by bus – we had been reminded before leaving of the rules and expectations and reputation of our beloved school) and occasionally in the school holidays, farming families with grand houses would allow their children to put on social events (parties in their barns, for example) and invite a select few – this is where a few of the girls from my school lost their virginities or maybe even met the boys who were to be the cause of their futures as farmers’ wives. While I occasionally look back on these days with affection and keep in touch to a degree with some of my fellow old girls, these experiences are largely responsible for my lack of motivation to ever be one of the supposed upper echelons of society or to raise my family to aspire to be.

At girls’ boarding schools there was no corporal punishment or even physical fighting among each other, this was really looked down upon at my school, with general ostracism and cattiness being more socially acceptable as a way to get back at each other, but according to partners I’ve had in the past who attended boys’ boarding schools, caning was rife and in fact fondly reminisced about. Different house masters and teachers had different styles of caning and some teachers took to it more readily than others.

And so perhaps this is how fetishes for caning start. While I’m up for almost anything, some fetishes could leave a working girl legally compromised, and caning and BDSM is definitely one of them. A few months ago I got in touch with Mistress Mary from Wellington to see if she would mentor me in a related area and while it did not eventuate, she said she was pleased someone was taking it seriously as far too many ladies start this kind of work thinking it is an easy alternative to actual sex when it is not and they can then do a bit of damage.

Sometimes I get calls to try new things and I am always honest when I haven’t got a clue or have never tried a thing, but more often than not, men will still be eager to use an inexperienced sex worker for these sorts of encounters. And this is how I found myself with a cane in my hand the one and only time I did it.

My client had a specific thing he wished to be punished for and in this order, punishment consisted of being spanked on his bare (of course) arse with my hand, a Mason Pearson style of hairbrush – the sort women don’t use any more because they can damage your hair, a paddle which had a rather satisfying thwack noise to it and lastly, a cane. To those ladies who think this is the easy alternative to sex, it is not. The caning was particularly tiring as there is only a small area that can be safely whacked, and the cane has to be whipped through the air and onto the arse in a certain motion, not just haphazardly flung. The sound, a quick whoosh, is rather pleasing though. He seemed to enjoy himself and he brought his camera with which I photographed his sorry ass for him.

I have a friend who was a Domme for a number of years and she eventually decided to switch to sensual massage as the severity of her Domme personality was exhausting her. I gather it can be a lifestyle that could be all encompassing. It’s not for every sex worker and because of this pricing is different and I believe genuine services of this nature do not involve sex.

As I am inexperienced I am not really the right person to be approached for this kind of service which is why this post is a bit sketchy. I’d recommend seeing a real Domme, who has the skills and experience to indulge those wanting to try the English fetish and other humiliation fantasies. Otherwise your humiliation could last beyond your death if it eventuated as a result of BDSM and that is not a desirable outcome for the client, his loved ones or the Domme. RIP Peter Plumley-Walker who died after being incorrectly suspended during a B&D session (but not as a result of it).

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