Sex workers and websites: if you build it will they come?

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Although many sex workers are getting websites built for them or DIYing it with free sites like WIX or blogs, I have heard many saying they don’t know what to do with them (“now what?”) or how to get clients (“traffic”) to go to them. So I’ve been picking the brains of one or two IT people and looking closely at how some of the sex worker success stories out there are using theirs.

One way obviously to get traffic is to link to your site in all your ads. It costs extra on the advertising site I use to have a banner ad. I’m not even entirely sure how effective it is but there are other reasons such as the ability to link to my site from my ad, and more which I’ll explain below. Besides your ads, your social media should be linking back to your site.

Also, make sure you keep your site updated and let people know when you have. For example, have you just had a photo shoot? Then definitely mention it. Some ladies have separate galleries for their photoshoots and also upload regular selfies. While I don’t blog as often as I have in the past, when I do, I post about it almost everywhere.

While many ladies use social media, if you can also participate on one of the forums online where you can promote your site, that is also something which would be useful for many reasons, not least letting clients see your personality. If you’re an advertiser on for example, nzgirls and you also have a link back from your site to the Adult forum, you can mention your website occasionally there. I do this and it brings A LOT of traffic.

I use my website to promote my writing, I have ads for my Amazon books all over the place. But I also use my Amazon author page to bring people to my site. However mostly my website is here for providing information about me to persuade clients to book me. The details and prices page has been arranged and rearranged to get to the required info as soon as possible, and the extraneous clutter I used to have was removed. My gallery has a variety of pictures and the ability to add more. My tour page says where I will be and when and is updated when trips are planned. And there are several ways to contact me on my contact page, not to mention links to all my social media, and of course I also have a page dedicated to my reviews. As I said, I also use my site to promote my writing. According to statistics, my blog is a big drawcard. Which makes sense as it’s the way I keep my site fresh and updated and gives me an excuse to promote it.

As I mentioned, many ladies promote every time they have new images and if you had visual social media such as snapchat, tumblr, vine, Instagram, clips4sale, you’d link to them all from your site and provide a teaser image to get clients to your site.

So what to do about getting high search engine rankings? To be honest, because search engines are so unfathomable (page 1 of results one day, then page 5 the next), I rely on my advertisers to get the high rankings, then I piggy-back on them to get visitors to my own website. That’s why it’s worth paying for a banner ad with an established advertiser (who gets consistently amazing search engine rankings) so I can mention my site through them.

Because of my carefully chosen advertiser (the one I use is one of the 25 most popular sites in NZ in all categories and the most popular escort advertising website) my lack of effort to get my site highly placed in search engine results hasn’t harmed me, but I’ve watched a few people do really well by taking actions for high search engine placement which has been great for their website credentials.

Keywords apparently don’t matter much anymore but having lots of “back links” still does. So if you can get lots of people to come to your site from other places, that counts. The old trick of choosing popular keywords and scattering them throughout your posts to get noticed by Google is no longer a winner though.

Adding great content to your site is still a winner. So I guess that’s where my blog is useful, (rather than the tag cloud of keywords).

And of course LOTS of activity counts for a lot. Bloggers love lots of comments on their posts!  Sex worker Maggie McNeil’s site, The Honest Courtesan, not only has amazing content, but also lots of comments on each post which makes for interesting reading – however this is not a site promoting herself as a sex worker, but rather a commentary on sex work.  Google likes popular sites.

However, what if you would like a blog but don’t have time to add your own content to your website or keep updating it?  What I occasionally do is ask people to guest post for me, or accept contributions people kindly offer.  It is interesting to use another voice and writing style and a great way for your contributor to get exposure to their opinions.  I’ve also seen people use their websites for major projects: using their domain names to host membership bulletin board-style forums which is another way to allow other users to contribute material to your site and keep it fresh. This is a great way to tell the search engines your site has substance, not to mention your own personal bragging rights about your site’s success – definitely well-earned considering the work involved. The participation of the members of the forum build its popularity on a daily basis so the effort and expense is definitely a win for the owner.

One lady who has done this amazingly well (with altruistic intent for her industry, not to boost traffic to her site) is the owner of who has been in business as a cam model since 2009. I believe her forum was started some time later and it is at and has been the one of go to places for cam models and clients since she set it up. If you’re a cam model who has been authenticated by her processes, you can promote what you do on there (and link back to your site or cam model page which helps with traffic to you: a nice payback for your contribution to the site’s popularity). You can also ask questions, get help, help others or just pass the time of day in a positive, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

From the website, about Amber Cutie’s Forum, it says: AmberCutie’s Forum (ACF) was created in 2010 to provide a helpful community for cam girls to interact with one another, as well as discuss anything and everything with their fans and members. We also created for aspiring cam girls to learn the basics.

At the time of writing, the site has had: 23,869 Discussions, 750,285 Messages and 27,853 Members. Phew – that is a lot of traffic and an excellent contribution to the industry by cam model, Amber Cutie.

However that is a lot of work! It would be overkill for most sex workers given that many don’t wish to stay in the sex industry for that long, neither do they have the time to do the work required. So don’t stress if you feel “less is more” for you. If I didn’t have a blog on my site, I would definitely settle for regularly updating my images and at the very least keeping my Tour page up to date.  And if it seems like too much work to get visitors to your site by having a blog or discussion area on your site, just do it the easy way: with social media or by choosing an search engine-friendly advertiser or industry forum which supports you promoting your services and website.

So is it worth getting a website? Yes – if you can get it to work for you. However, it is not necessarily essential – many ladies make do with being active on social media, whether that’s Twitter, Facebook, snapchat or your friendly local industry forum, and there is a lot these sites can do for you. But that’s another blogpost.






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