She is articulate, educated and cultured, which only serves to brilliantly enhance the erotic impact of all her verbal responses.


I have to attest to being a veteran phone sex devotee for more years than I can remember. Amber always provides me with the finest and most graphic phone sex I’ve ever experienced in all my 74 years. She is articulate, educated and cultured, which only serves to brilliantly enhance the erotic impact of all her verbal responses. Her sophisticated presence, though invisible, is both powerful and irresistible,

Amber is undoubtedly a very broadminded and empathetic confidante, who is never shocked by one’s weirdest and taboo fantasies (including one’s most wicked desires and naughtiest, real life, kinkiest hard core sex) – listening intently to one’s darkest secrets and forbidden depravities – her graphic, conversational rejoinders elevating one’s sexual stimulation (and erection) to a Cloud Nine level of euphoric ecstasy

I’ve never managed to hold out for longer than 15 minutes before ejaculating madly and copiously – her powerful audio presence overwhelming me and my pulsating penis, as if she was somehow magically masturbating me electronically…….!

I find myself happily succumbing to her licentious and intimate obscenities and enjoying my most protracted and pleasurable orgasms of the last 25 years, resulting in my pelvis jerking and convulsing wildly with my cock feeling as if it was depositing my semen deep inside her exquisite vagina.

I can enthusiastically recommend this wickedly sensational and gratifying sexual indulgence to any new or even established, regular clients of this majestic sex goddess to sample what is a truly unforgettable experience.

Payment is quick and easy via credit card – I would recommend you brief Amber either by email or text message in advance, advising her of the horny subjects you wish to cover for what I can promise will be a really unforgettable and addictive session of ecstatically arousing and highly erotic ‘audio sex’ !

Amber was in good form, working her southern gal magic ensuring normal service was soon returned.


Given I have a weakness for some southern comfort, I splashed out for some with our Amber when she was in town. Despite being a cold mid winter’s evening, the welcome was warm, and while the hotel wasn’t quite 5 star, Ms Ohara’s service was.

Not sure if it was the winterly blast I ventured through walking there, as the old fella took some encouragement, but Amber was in good form, working her southern gal magic ensuring normal service was soon returned.

The hour was up all too soon, just as we were getting to know each other. But that’s the name of the game.

Despite the city of sails not putting on its best, I suspect there was enough to give her a taste for more. As such something tells me our Panda will be back in the not too distant future to share her special brand of southern comfort……

She is sensual, funny, beautiful and highly confident. It does not matter whether you spend a day with her or just one hour; you will go away in a state of blissful happiness


A not so normal booking
In the last 10 months I have been very fortunate in that I’ve seen Amber 16 times. This review is about one of those recent times where we engaged in something that we had never before done together. You might be thinking anal, BDSM, or even a threesome. No – instead we were about to embark on what was unusual for us together and that is a booking of just one hour’s duration.

Amber to me is like a fine wine; to be sipped and savoured rather than guzzled. We usually laugh and chat so much at the start of the booking that I thought to myself that allowing for showers upon arrival and departure and with our normal chat and laughter that there would be no time for sex! Christ, it would defeat the purpose if I had to masturbate beforehand. I decided that on this occasion, laughter and chat would need to be strictly rationed.

I was in Christchurch because I had been walking in the beautiful South Island with friends and there was a narrow window between arriving in Christchurch late one evening and flying out the next morning. Consequently, our booking was scheduled for 7.30 am.

An interesting text the night before
The night before I sent Amber a text to confirm the early morning booking. In response she indicated that we were doing SGE and that I would have to wait to see what that was! I wasn’t aware that Amber engaged in sadomasochism but the sending of the text had the same effect, in that I was destined to toss and turn all night in torturous anticipation of what that meant.

Before sleeping I considered it might mean “sexy girlfriend experience” but that’s what she achieves with just a smile. Maybe it meant “sexy geek experience” which would not be inconsistent with my Adult Forum moniker. But if it did mean sexy geek then what would that entail? Perhaps Amber and I would independently shout out random three-digit prime numbers and if we both got the same number at the same time then it would be the mathematical equivalent of mutual orgasms and my excitement would be explosive. That would certainly work for me but it did seem rather an unlikely possibility. Furthermore what is “sexy geek” to me generally means “geeky sex” to others.

Finally I succumbed to sleep and in the middle of the night the answer came to me. I sat bolt upright in the way that people do when experiencing a eureka moment. “Somalian Girlfriend Experience” I shouted loudly. In the next few seconds as wakefulness replaced sleepiness I realised that O’Hara was about as Somalian sounding as Mogadishu was Gaelic.

Something unusual on the stairs
I won’t go into details as to how this occurred, but for a very, very brief period of time (measured in seconds) the entrance was somehow unlocked and I was instructed to let myself in, lock the door behind me and then come upstairs where Amber would be. I was excited!

At the top of the stairs I spied a handwritten note. “Goddammit”, I thought “it’s a health and safety notice”. But it was not and no health and safety notice could ever be written so sweet nor in such a sexually enchanting way. The note read:

Sleeping girlfriend experience (SGE)
Your GF is dozing and you’re arriving home after your run… you glance at her and you get in the shower, thinking how sexy she looked sleeping, all the while trying to be quiet, so as not to wake her. Then you fondle her, caress her, kiss and lick her body doing all you can so she awakens horny. Whatever, however, you wanted to touch her is no longer forbidden as she is sleeping and does not know…

How bloody sexy is a note like that?

If I was Wilbert I may have first checked for grammatical errors, but I am not and I was in the shower quicker than you can say “hip hip hooraaaaaaay it’s not Somalian girl friend day”.

Sleeping beauty
Once out of the shower I saw that sleeping beauty was wearing a sexy but non-hooker like negligee. I then summoned all my skills that I had learnt in Amber 101. I know I have prattled thus far and I also know that you’ll be pleased when I say that I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that I aroused Amber from her graceful slumber and “sleeping beauty” transformed into “very horny girlfriend” who rewarded me for my efforts.

Runner’s high
I had jogged to the boudoir and afterwards I jogged back to my hotel. Runner’s high is that blissful state achieved by runners after they have been running for a long time. Thanks to Ms O’Hara I was experiencing runner’s high immediately upon leaving her boudoir.

I enjoyed this booking as much as I do our longer bookings. It was typically thoughtful of Amber to make it exciting like this. Amber is a gorgeous woman at the peak of her sexual enchantment. She is sensual, funny, beautiful and highly confident. It does not matter whether you spend a day with her or just one hour; you will go away in a state of blissful happiness and for a brief while the stresses and worries associated with a busy life will be forgotten. Amber is like a natural alternative to prozac. Maybe Pharmac should consider funding her. It would save me a dollar or two.

the whole experience was exactly what I wanted it to be, sensual, exciting and intriguing all rolled into one


I had an excellent afternoon with Amber today.
Living outside of NZ I had tried to see Amber, when I had visited the Christchurch on previous occasions , but to no avail. Today the planets finally aligned and I can confirm the wait was well worth it.

I have read numerous glowing reviews of Amber and I am pleased to confirm they are all correct. From the time I walked in the door, the the whole experience was exactly what I wanted it to be, sensual,exciting and intriguing all rolled into one, coupled with some laughter and some time layed back listening to music.

I look forward to my next visit to Christchurch

I was again lost in her body and mind, caressing and kissing such a woman as was in my arms felt well beyond my station and yet I was comfortable.


This is a recounting of my most recent experience with the woman I visit. I don’t want to call her a working girl or an escort or a courtesan, I am lost for a name. Do we need to name everything? To me she is an educator, an occasional lover, a deep pool I can become lost in… Anyway read on if you feel like a novel… Again…

Well this one started a week before the visit to this lovely woman which was arranged well in advance. I spent the week over thinking what I was about to do, again questioning the power at play, the right and wrong or buying sex, buying a woman, buying a human.
My very good friend told me to stop over thinking it, she asked me do you really think you as the person with money has power in this situation, trust me you don’t, she does! What she was trying to tell me was this is my issue, not the woman’s I was going to see. To get over it, and just savour the time. So I decided to do just that.

With this in mind I approached her door, I rang the bell, the door opened, I walked into her arms and we kissed. That moment changes me. It is tender and familiar, I realise how delicate our memory of faces can be, but I remember very well her eyes.
We walked up to the room, and familiarity greeted me, we lay on the bed, we talked, kissed and laughed. before long we had spent a good 20 minutes just being comfortable in each others arms talking about what ever came to mind, including my fear I was perpetrating an injustice by paying her, turning her into a prostitute if you will. I truely do not consider this woman a prostitute, what she does is not a perversion, and it is done with tenderness.

I was again lost in her body and mind, caressing and kissing such a woman as was in my arms felt well beyond my station and yet I was comfortable.

We undressed, I wished I had the foresight to undress her myself, either way the woman before me is more than beautiful.
Yet I was relaxed this time, naked and bear to her eyes I held no tension in my body. As the evening progressed we became more entwined, I held her in my arms while she was above me, my hands in her hair, kissing her neck, both of us lost in the moments of sexual bliss you get when you feel you know one another. Lost in her hair it was like a veil that blocked out the world, all I could hear was passion.

My greatest pleasure at this point was to give pleasure, it felt like this woman was a long lost lover, we spent a what felt an age just being part of each other, looking into each others eyes or a well placed mirror. As it progressed I spent time pleasuring her with my tongue, I love nothing more than a woman in ecstasy while I am so intimately connected to her.

The evening of sex was much more than just that to me, we finished how we started, arms and bodies pressed together, kissing, which really just made me want to start again. With regret I parted from her and much sooner than I would have hoped I was leaving, with a kiss at the door that just re-ignited my desire I was in the cold night air. I opted to walk back to my hotel I needed the 20 minutes of cold night air to think and come down from my high.

My post coital thoughts were muddled, and its still a bit of a blur.
It is my very nature when with a woman to give everything I am, is that wise, I don’t know but I know it is who I am and changing that is not simple. My time with her was passion and love, I felt connected to her in a way I cant describe, it was like i knew her soul. In my mind I know this is a transaction, I know this is her work and I know I am a client, but when we are so close can we not leave a part of ourselves behind?

Thank you for sharing yourself with me, it is my privilege always.

I like everything about Amber – her smile, her infectious laughter, her titian hair and complementary green eyes and her body that belies her age.


8 months of Amber
This last week I found myself walking towards the door of Amber’s modern Christchurch boudoir for a scheduled four hour booking. I was filled with the same excitement and anticipation that I had on my very first visit in July last year and yet it wasn’t my first visit, in fact it was my 11th.

At the time of this visit it had only been 13 days since our previous four hour plus booking and only 2 weeks till our next four hour booking and another 2 weeks to the one after that. You would think that by now the excitement and anticipation would have abated. Well it hasn’t. For me it’s as exciting as if I was meeting her for the very first time. In fact it is even more exciting because we both know each other better and Amber in a gentle and subtle way has instructed me in the ways of pleasure.

Last year for the first time in my life I saw a sex worker. Since then I have seen 7 other ladies and of course Amber.

11 of the 19 visits to these wonderful women have been with Amber. The statistic is even more skewed in her favour if I measure it on “punting hours”. Those 19 visits amount to 42 punting hours, and over 80% of those hours have been in the company of Amber.

Before first meeting Amber in July last year, Christchurch was a city that I had visited only once in the previous 18 years and yet of those 11 visits with Amber, 6 have been in Christchurch, a city that I have no real reason to visit other than to spend time with my favourite sex worker.

Why do I keep going back?
I like everything about Amber – her smile, her infectious laughter, her titian hair and complementary green eyes and her body that belies her age. To be honest it’s very easy for us men to not be objective about our regulars but begrudgingly I can be objective when it comes to Amber and when I do I have to concede that many sex workers have all of these qualities and more. However for me where Amber is unbeaten is when you add into the mix her warm and inviting personality, she is clever and funny, in conversation she sparkles, and she has an incredibly understated gentle manner that oozes sensualness.

There is a je ne sais quoi quality to her. She is such an incredibly sensual woman. All of this makes her so much more than the sum of her parts (and some of her parts I know quite well). Quite simply, I find her captivating.

My most recent visit
She answered the door. I love this moment when I step inside and I see her again. I always smile at this stage because I am so very pleased to be there and I could not suppress a smile even if I tried.

On this occasion Amber was wearing a beautiful figure-hugging blue dress and was wearing incredibly high heeled shoes. I’m 193 cm tall (6 foot 4 inches) and I love the fact that the high heels make it possible for us to kiss at the same time as our bodies make full length contact.

I followed her upstairs to her well appointed bedroom complete with bed, chaise longue, artwork on the walls, a strategically placed mirror, vinyls, record player and ensuite. My favourite music was playing. She gestured that I should join her on the bed where our kissing and touching was punctuated only by laughter and conversation, or maybe our laughter and conversation was punctuated only by kissing and touching. In any case, because our booking was for four hours there was no rush and to our mutual surprise 45 minutes elapsed before I headed to the shower.

Upon my return we were both naked and enjoyed each other’s bodies, conversation and laughter. One of my favourite views of Amber occurs when we are having sex and I am on top and her magnificent head of red hair is spread out fan-like away from her head. Our movements are slow and from this position our eyes will frequently meet and sometimes we will smile, sometimes we will simply hold our gaze for a period, sometimes we will laugh. I feel intimacy and connection in this moment. I feel no measure of uncomfortableness when our eyes lock like this.

At various times our faces are such that I can feel and hear every breath she makes and it is almost as if we are breathing in unison.

We both achieved orgasm and consistent with our personalities the moaning and noises that we make are soft, natural and sensuous. Amber described the look on my face as I achieved orgasm as one of eternal bliss. Again she is so very kind as it has only ever been previously described as my “stupid face”.

We then showered, dressed and 3 hours after first entering her boudoir non-Amber and I went and had a meal at a highly regarded Christchurch restaurant where we had enjoyed dinner on a previous occasion. After a delicious meal non-Amber dropped me back to the airport so that I could catch the next flight back to real life.

Every visit with Amber is always fantastic but some are even more fantastic than others. This last one was for me one of the best, as was another occasion when Amber joined me at my Christchurch hotel.

A word of thanks
I’m very grateful to Amber for the intimate moments we’ve had. She is a passionate and sensuous woman and I am captivated by her charm.

I’m also going to use this review as an opportunity to publicly acknowledge her input to AF. Frankly, AF is all the more interesting for her thoughtful contributions. In fact AF is all the more interesting with working girls’ input.

I said that she is captivating, well so too is her blog. It’s well written, honest and is always a pleasure to read as is her collection of short erotic stories written under the pseudonym Juliana Finn.


I went for sex, what I got was intimacy on a level I have missed for many years.


This is long and just my recall of my first time with one of the nicest people it has been my pleasure to meet. Read it if you feel so inclined.

Recently I as i have mentioned in other posts my views on sex work, sex workers, and even sex as it turns out has changed.

So much so that it was time to actually take a ‘punt’ and dive right in. I approached finding the lady I would see first in a very methodical manner, research, research, research and made my choice. I am not actually going to name who as I didn’t ask her for permission to do so, she isn’t on the DND either but thats just the way I roll.

I nervously placed that first txt message and waited to hear back, when could I see this woman I was so anxious to meet. That actually turned out to be the easy bit. The time and date set, all i had to do was wait, and call on the day to confirm. For what ever reason the call was nerve wracking, the voice on the other end though was not husky or disinterested, or hurried, she was sweet, and easy to talk to, I was a gibbering mess. Clearly I still had preconceived ideas how this was going to go down.

The hour was approaching, and I was becoming less nervous, which I find odd in retrospect. I showered, shaved, changed clothes and brushed the hell out of my teeth, show respect right, you’re about to very close to another person, yes there are showers but its all part of the process for me. I arrived, and i had a rough idea of what she looked like, I entered the premise and was greeted by a woman who was taller and much more attractive than I expected, instantly I was slightly off balance, which is stupid and really unimportant.

She touched my face, we kissed and suddenly it was like I had known her for a long time, perhaps its skill on her part, or relief on mine that I was about to be close to a very attractive woman, I still don’t know.

I had no idea how long to book, so we discussed and set aside 1-1.5 hours which I really appreciated. As it turned out Longer was better… What a surprise.

The session started with easy conversation, we even talked about the sex shop and the toys she had just bought, it was an incredibly familiar feeling to be on a bed aimlessly kissing and talking about the general detritus of your day. I was lost in her lips and that is just such a gift.

As the session progressed a strange thing happened, more than once in fact and even right at the end, I lost my erection, at first I was worried about appearances. However we just switched to something else. We spent a long time just licking and sucking, getting to savour her was just devine.

In the end i didn’t orgasm, which might be a strange thing to admit in a forum with so many posts of multi this and massive member that, but it genuinely didn’t matter to me. I had a little time after as we lay there and talked to think through why, and all i could think was it doesn’t matter I still had a lot of fun. The experience was still a stand out.

Over night I thought through this more, I over think way too many things but I tend to have to. So my over thunk view is this. I went for sex, what I got was intimacy on a level I have missed for many years. It was as simple as that. Not that its simple of course…

How did a woman I had only just met provide me with such an experience when she doesn’t know me? I felt connected, safe, important and most of all I was present. So how did she do it? I suspect we both did it and I still don’t quite get this part of it.

The most important parts of the whole session for me have come much more into focus. What I wanted and actually received was an intensely intimate sensual connection to someone, I didn’t actually just want sex, I knew i wanted both, but actually I didn’t I only really wanted the connection, sex was the conduit. It was important to me that this was mutually enjoyable, and that I gave pleasure. It was important to me that I was attracted to this woman, and I was, she was beautiful. It was mostly important that this woman enjoy what she does.

My choice of who to see was good for me, she was everything I knew I wanted from a sex worker and turned out to much more. Don’t worry I haven’t confused the transactional part of this, she was at work, I was a client. That doesn’t mean its not personal. I am learning just by being and experiencing and I have missed that. Being able to do it in such a way is a huge privilege.

Ramble ramble ramble…

The last thing I wanted to say was to the woman I spent that time with, Thank you, you’r time with me was important to me, your intelligence was incredibly sexy and your openness was what made the difference. Being able to be intimate like that with you was a gift, regardless of money.

If you got this far your are likely to posses a longer attention span then me…

Very pleasant and patient, was very helpful and willing in a lot of things and made me feel very appreciated


Have to agree with the review here, spent a wonderful hour with Amber and had a wonderful time. Very pleasant and paitent Was very helpful and willing in a lot of things and made me feel very appreciated, don’t get that too often at other places.

She’s a wise and gracious woman, sexy and a shag-and-a-half with a body made for lovin’.


I still think about my time with Amber O’hara. She’s a wise and gracious woman, sexy and a shag-and-a-half with a body made for lovin’. And great company.

A truly delightful way to spend an hour from the moment I was met at the door by a Strawberry blonde goddess with a gentle kiss, through to the tender kiss and hug on departure.


Finally had the pleasure of catching up with Amber Late last year. I am not really sure what I could add to what has already been said about this truly delightful lady, other than to say she more than lived up all my expectations and more. A truly delightful way to spend an hour from the moment I was met at the door by a Strawberry blonde goddess with a gentle kiss, through to the tender kiss and hug on departure.

Amber has a gift in her ability to make you feel very very special.

I will certainly be repeating the experience when the opportunity next presents itself.

Thank you very much Amber

Sex with Amber is always wonderful. It involves chatting, kissing and much laughter. Sometimes all three simultaneously. Her lips were made for kissing.


I finished work last week for the year and the very next day I flew to Christchurch solely for the purpose of seeing Amber. The visit had been arranged a few weeks before (no cheap airfares!). The day before my visit there had been an exchange of chatty texts including the exciting promise of something special waiting for me. I was collected from the airport and after a pleasant lunch with a scenic view we returned to her charming boudoir.

Amber is completely au fait with all the mod cons of life yet on this occasion she had a turntable and Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks album ready to play. We both love Van Morrison. It was a nice touch.

We took turns to massage each other with hot oil. This quite naturally segued into the main event. Sex with Amber is always wonderful. It involves chatting, kissing and much laughter. Sometimes all three simultaneously. Her lips were made for kissing. Amber makes you feel special.

Paradoxically it’s likely I’ll never forget this visit and yet I can’t picture the sequence of events clearly. Suffice it to say it included all that one can imagine and more. The only detail I’ll provide is to say that at one stage Amber was busy with one hand and massaging my penis with the other. My comment to her that she was somewhat “Amber-dextrous” was well received.

In summary I spent a significant part of my day in the company and always welcoming arms of Amber. Thank you so very much Amber. Pierre

this 90 minutes was so absolutely incredible and the most fun I have ever experienced (and believe me I have experienced a lot).


How many times is Amber capable of excelling and surprising yet again? I look forward to the treat of her visiting Wellington with an unbelievable degree of anticipation and that growing feeling of butterflies in my stomach that I had last felt so many years ago. I had an appointment of 90 minutes, a bi double with a mystery friend of Amber’s. All Amber would divulge was that this lady had an absolutely gorgeous bosom. How could a more beautiful bosom than Ambers be possible? I arrived at the appointed time to be welcomed by the so gorgeous and stunning Amber ‘dressed’ in those sexy fishnet tights and her melting smile. We kissed and Amber commented upon my obvious delight at seeing her again! Only then when we broke apart (financial business) did I see Ambers surprise standing there quietly and demurely. Amber introduced us: she was Violet Prose and as we kissed her bosom was revealed and if you are tit man then like me you will think you have died and gone to heaven. A threesome shower all hands in action and help with towelling dry raising a lot more than the temperature.

Somewhat reluctantly we left the shower and on to the bed. Little me between Amber and Violet and all totally naked and me grinning like the cat that got the cream. I won’t go into detail just to say that this 90 minutes was so absolutely incredible and the most fun I have ever experienced (and believe me I have experienced a lot). Dining at the “y’s” what lovely and delicious deserts. Meanwhile my ladies set about dining on me. Two tongues, two mouths, four hands I couldn’t believe the sensations I experienced. I do know that no-one was acting as thrashed around in absolute orgasmic heaven. As we recovered the final treat was the shower and the spoiling I had from these two stunning, gorgeous and sexy ladies. Too soon the 90 minutes had flown by. Gentlemen, you must hassle Amber into a repeat performance that will leave you glowing and grinning for days. This will certainly remain in your memory for ever if you are lucky enough to meet up with Violet!

Thanks is such an understatement but thanks indeed.


I’ve seen Amber twice more since posting my review last month (see below); once in Christchurch for a pre dinner liaison, then an exceptionally fine dinner and then a post dinner liaison and again during her current tour of Wellington for an extended visit. I have a difference of opinion of her from that proffered in my review – she’s even more wonderful! Amber, as you are aware, I had a great time. Thanks is such an understatement but thanks indeed.


She met me at the door clad in some very nice under things


After missing contact on a number of occasions we finally had an hour together last week and wonderful it was. Amber is very attractive and her greeting is way up there with the best. She met me at the door clad in some very nice under things which soon were removed displaying the playground. Extremely well groomed it was a pleasure to dine at the Y and Amber responded enthusiastically. On to the main event and Amber has a good range of tricks and treats to ensure a happy ending. All too soon our time was up. Will I go back and see Amber again, Oh you bet. Thanks Amber.

I find her extremely attractive (her tousled red hair, green eyes, youthful body, pearlescent décolletage and manner – what’s not to like)


I am in my early 50’s and in May I decided to visit a sex worker for the first time in my life. My reasons in seeking female companionship are not dissimilar to other men posting here. My selection criteria were:

I had to find her very attractive;

I needed to believe that she would be kind and respectful to me. To say that this was a huge scary step for me is quite an understatement. My normally confident self felt very vulnerable making this step and I wanted someone who would treat me with the same kindness and respect that I would afford them.

Ideally she would be similar in age to me as I have little attraction to have sex with someone very young. I’ve since relaxed my initial age restriction downwards; She had to be discreet. It’s easy for someone to say they are in a website but I know people who believe exercising discretion means only telling two or three of their closest friends.

It should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway – she needed to be fastidious about safe sex.

I researched and I really liked the look of Amber O’Hara and decided that I would visit her as I was going to be in Christchurch in May. However one day her NZ Girls’ advertisement was up and then the next day it was gone. What I didn’t know at the time was that she was in my home town Wellington while I was in Christchurch.

I finally met Amber on tour in Wellington. She easily met my criteria in terms of:


I find her extremely attractive (her tousled red hair, green eyes, youthful body, pearlescent décolletage and manner – what’s not to like); and

Our mutual devotion to discretion and safe sex. In addition to my criteria she is smart. I do love a clever woman. She is also caring, has a wonderful personality and is so very pleasant to chat to.

I have now visited Amber 5 times and have seen 4 other sex workers on a single occasion each. That’s worked out well because I can compare Amber having experienced other sex workers. They were all lovely women and while some did individual things slightly better than Amber, none could beat Amber when you consider the whole experience.

I approach most things carefully and when I started this venture in May I allocated a notional annual budget. Since I met Amber I’ve doubled it. One hour is just not enough. So I now try and book Amber for 2 hours and my last visit two days ago was a four hour outing. Knowing that I was not going to be able to see Amber in Wellington when she last toured, I had pre-booked and planned to fly to Christchurch for the day to see her.

Amber, dressed in civvies, collected me from Christchurch airport. We then went to her central city boudoir and got re-acquainted.

She’s magnificent at what she does. Her girlfriend experience requires one to be well grounded because for the time that you are with her you could truly believe that she is your girlfriend. However, I guess many of us would need to close our eyes to truly believe this because most of us would not be so fortunate to have a significant other as pretty as Amber.

The sex as usual was wonderful and this limerick I wrote, while sparing much detail, will give you a snapshot of some of the things we enjoy and may also explain the reason for her apparent eternal youthfulness.

Milf Amber said without sarcasm
“To look young I often orgasm
So please dine at the Y
You don’t need a black tie”
Recalling this makes my heart spasm

Having been re-acquainted we went for a drive into the port hills on a beautiful spring day. After lunch we returned to her boudoir for more fun before she dropped me back at the airport. It was a superb day. I think sometimes we need to be kind and treat ourselves and that was a heck of a treat.

Her blog is superbly written, insightful and shows vulnerability and humour. I love the insights she offers. It’s created in me an interest in reading about all things to do with the sex industry here and offshore. I had no knowledge of this industry prior to my initial foray in May of this year. My view of sex workers was naïve. Now my view is that they are mostly ordinary folk, mothers, daughters, sisters and partners, all with their own story.

From the forum it is apparent that Amber is a kindly mentor to many young and not so young escorts. I see that the patron saint of working girls is Saint Nicholas. I am not intending to be derogatory but I can’t resist saying ho, ho, ho. Anyway, apparently he earned this title for his efforts to provide for working girls so that they would not need to earn a living from prostitution. The trend towards more liberal popes may one day, long in the future, see Saint Nicholas replaced by St Amber.

Lastly, Amber frequently comments about how fortunate she and her colleagues are to live in a country where sex work is legal. The other side of that is that we men (and client women) are the beneficiaries of that liberal law in terms of transparency and being safer both physically and sexually. I am pleased I made the step to see a sex worker and yet I can say with absolute certainty that I would not have taken that step had the potential consequential risks of apprehension, conviction and publication of name been present.


PS – Is it just a coincidence that Amber’s initials are also an acronym for Adults Only?

You match your inventiveness with beauty, sexiness and eroticism so that it truly lifts me an entirely new and satiated level.


Wow and wowee Amber. Thank you for such a stunning experience once last night in Wellington. I can’t believe that each successive visit with you can be even better than the last. Each and every visit is so unbelievably outstanding that they are in fact mind blowing. You are beyond belief, truly gorgeous, erotic, sexy and fulfilling. If the world was filled with ladies like you men would never think about war. Come to think of it, more than that, they would be so exhausted making whoopee with you they just wouldn’t have any energy left for fighting. Being with you transports one to heaven. You match your inventiveness with beauty, sexiness and eroticism so that it truly lifts me an entirely new and satiated level. What we shared tonight I will always remember and treasure. Please hurry back I need you more than imaginable.

make you feel just like you’ve spent the whole afternoon rolling around making love to your first girlfriend


… Amber is a special lady ! There are those girls that take a good photo and then there are those that make you feel just like you’ve spent the whole afternoon rolling around making love to your first girlfriend and leave you thinking about it for days afterwards – who would YOU rather see again ?

A nice friendly lady and went out of her way to make things comfortable and very enjoyable.


We were lucky enough to have Amber down here in Invercargill for a couple of days recently. I managed to get some time with here and she was definitely worth every penny.

A nice friendly lady and went out of her way to make things comfortable and very enjoyable. Ch-Ch, you are lucky to have her.

The horizontal aerobics left me with a huge grin on my face.


I had the good fortune to see Amber before she departed dear old Palmerston North. I had a great time; Amber is attractive, warm and a good conversationalist. The horizontal aerobics left me with a huge grin on my face. All good!

After a triple shot (my first in a very long time) I still arrived home with such a smile and an equally impressive ‘woody’.


Thank Amber you so much for an incredible 2 hours on Monday night. You are the most awesome and flawless lady imaginable. After a triple shot (my first in a very long time) I still arrived home with such a smile and an equally impressive ‘woody’. Each time I think it couldn’t get any better it always does with you. A real privilege and heartfelt thanks to you. Please pass on my best wishes to Eva and tell her I am looking forward to another bi-double with you and her when she returns from Oz!

each time we have met you always surprise with yet something else beyond my wildest imagination.


What an absolutely and wonderful lady you are, Amber. It has taken me until now to calm down enough to write and thank you sincerely for granting me the privilege of allowing me to spend a little time (again) with you on your last visit to Wellington.

If anyone set out to design the most stunning and desirable lady imaginable then they would create another you, (now that would make for such a fantastic double)!

Next time you visit Wellington I will need an extended booking, for each time we have met you always surprise with yet something else beyond my wildest imagination.

Thank you so much and please also remember me to Eva (Moore), such a wonderful lady too and now pleasing those lucky Ozzies.


A remarkable and beautiful woman.


I’d seen glimpses of Amber Ohara on the forum, and I’d come across her blog, and I’d thought she seemed like a remarkable woman. I’m in Auckland and she’s in Christchurch so I figured I’d never get the opportunity to meet her. I’m attracted to the working girls that are bold about who they are and what they do. These women are leading the way to change society’s attitudes.

And then by sublime chance we ended up in the same part of the country.

If I measure these times at all, it’s by how they resonate, how long the sensations, the colours and the flavours, and the thoughts, linger.

Yes I buried myself in her for so long I could’ve done with oxygen. I could have played with that pussy all night. And we showered and kissed and explored. We missionaried and doggied and cowgirled. Did all sorts of things. She’s a beautiful woman, and very skilled in the arts of love.

But we talked. And laughed. Enjoyed each other’s company. We’re both here for a good time, and we’re havin’ it. Amber is so open and honest. She’s closer in age to me than most of the girls I see, so I think there’s an affinity there. Or maybe that’s just her way.

Anyway, we talked long and hard, and took tremendous pleasure in each other’s bodies, and she resonates still, long afterwards. A remarkable and beautiful woman.

Amber is sensual, soft and very much the girlfriend/lover


A few weeks ago I saw Amber and during a relaxing moment, Amber asked me about what were the most erotic and exciting sexual experiences I have had. One that immediately came to mind was the Independence Day celebration with Rocco, Missy and Kerrie, when I described this Amber said that she would really love to meet Kerrie. I said, “OK, I think I can arrange that” and Amber said that she would be happy have dinner with Kerrie and myself and then get to know Kerrie better.

I called Kerrie and told her what Amber had said, Kerrie immediately accepted, saying how much she had always wanted to meet Amber. We set a date for last week and made arrangements on where to go for dinner.

Kerrie and I drove to the restaurant, Amber met us there. The two girls hit it off immediately; within a few minutes anyone looking would have thought they were lifelong friends. Both are very easy to talk to, and kept the “shop talk” to a discreet and minimum amount. We all enjoyed the meal, and I was pleased how well we all seemed to click.

Amber left a few minutes before Kerrie and me so that she could get the playroom ready. When we arrived, Amber ushered us in and took us up to her boudoir, nice soft lighting and mood music playing, warm and large comfy bed. Amber had put on the elegant red corset and was wearing black fishnet stockings, totally hot! Kerrie stripped off and Amber took off the corset and both girls hopped on the bed and started kissing and caressing each other. What a turn on watching these two beautiful ladies getting to know one another. Reality check, not sure which one said it, but I was told to “Hurry up and get undressed and join us”. You can be sure I did not need to be told twice.

From that point it was all on, oral on each other, multiple positions, kissing, and pretty much anything else that is legal and safe. No Greek, not really my thing and in a threesome situation I think it could be challenging to stay fresh and clean. Oh, did I mention the strawberries? They must be the second tastiest thing to eat in bed. While the girls were doing their best to give me the time of my life, I was aware how much they seemed to be enjoying each other as well. Amber and Kerrie have rather complementary styles; Amber is sensual, soft and very much the girlfriend/lover whereas Kerrie is the more dominant, sexual and very much raunchier. Put them together and you have the best of both worlds, a GFE plus PSE. Not sure how long all of this went on, as I don’t think anyone was looking at the clock, certainly not rushed and I think we all were just wanting to get as much pleasure as possible in our time together.

Sadly all things come to an end, in this instance with me shooting all over Kerrie’s breasts as she lay on the bed, Amber lay beside her, encouraging her and me as Kerrie milked me dry. I lay back down between the girls for a few minutes as we relaxed, then into the shower. Nice shower, lots of hot water and big enough for all three of us to get in together and lather up and wash each other. Final kisses goodbye, and some tentative plans to get together again, maybe on a road trip.

Amber and Kerrie are two lovely ladies; there have been enough reviews that it would be redundant to go over details of age, accuracy of ad, etc. Both genuinely seem to love what they do and it shows, they make a very real effort to ensure that your dreams come true. Both ladies deserve the positive reviews they get, and I would not hesitate to recommend either and both!

PS. After seeing Amber the first time, I was stuck trying to recall who she looked like or where I had seen a similar red haired beauty. The answer came to me when watching an old Monty Python movie, there was a cartoon skit featuring Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”. After looking at the original masterpiece that inspired the skit, it is easy to believe that in a previous life Amber was the inspiration and the model for “Venus”.

JB – Chch

She is one of the finest!


A little over a week ago I had the pleasure of spending some time with the lovely Amber O’Hara. I had met her briefly over coffee a week previously, so arranged for an hour booking the following week. Easy booking, text to confirm and received very concise directions to her place. Her place was easy to find, there was lots of parking available on the street. The area around her place is busy enough to offer some degree of anonymity for those who might wish to be more discreet when visiting.

Amber met me at the door wearing a very sexy black dress and kissed me and told me how nice it was to see me again. We went upstairs to her room, more kissing and cuddling as we got undressed. Good attention to detail, chair and hangers provided so clothes didn’t end up in a heap on the floor. Nice large room tastefully decorated including a very sexy shot of herself along with the caption “You can sleep with a blonde, you can sleep with a brunette, but you’ll never get any sleep with a redhead!” (A gift from a client.)

I was offered a shower, and I was very pleasantly surprised when Amber asked if I would like for her to join me in the shower, of course I accepted. Into the shower, lots of hot water and lots of fun soaping and washing each other up and down and everything in between. While I have had numerous showers at the end of a booking with the lady, this was the first time I was joined in the shower at the start of the session. Certainly sets the mood!

After drying each other off (great towels), we went back to the large comfy bed, we lay kissing and touching, and Amber asked me what I liked. I replied I am pretty much OK with anything, however I do really enjoy going down on a lady and pleasuring her orally. “Oh, I love oral” was Amber’s response, so I headed south. What a treat, very tasty and responsive, I could have stayed there for hours, just eating and playing. A natural redhead, Amber retains a few wisps of beautiful red hair down under, which hinted at what would be a glorious ginger patch if allowed to flourish.

Amber then said it was my turn, so I moved up beside her. Some really awesome deep kissing, no doubt she could taste herself all over my face. Some nice oral from her on me, perhaps another time I would go down that path to the end, as Amber has excellent oral skills. Among other positions, for something a bit different, she had me lie on my back and spread my legs and bring my knees up. She then got between my legs facing away from me, sliding her legs through under my knees and moved backwards, guiding my cock into her. What a view, some great visuals and fantastic stimulation as she moved back and forth riding me. She then straightened up into an upright reverse cowgirl position, fantastic.

Finished off with a sensual massage, with nice warm oils and soft smooth hands, she brought me over the edge in a fantastic climax, jism everywhere! A quick tidy up, and a few minutes more of talking, Amber is very easy to talk to, then back to the shower. As before, showers are much more fun together, what a treat.

Amber gets all kinds of very positive reviews; it is easy to understand why. Very easy to talk to and put you at ease, plus she positively seems to enjoy what she does. Not many professions where you can have a customer walk away happy all the time, Amber has it nailed!

Definitely recommended, and I can say with certainty that I will be going back. She is one of the finest! For those of you outside of Christchurch; don’t miss out when she come to town, worth waiting for.

you are a genuine beautiful person who shows lots of enthusiasm in your “work”


I have to say it was a fantastic long awaited occasion to meet Amber.

Amber you are a lovely friendly and sexy woman to spend time with. I am not one to “spill the beans” but it was great to find out for myself that you are a genuine beautiful person who shows lots of enthusiasm in your “work” and treated me more like a lucky boyfriend rather than a client. Add me to your fanclub.

“Daniel C”

she is a very very pretty and gentle lady


guys she is a very very pretty and gentle lady and will sweep you off your feet with her experience. i loved every second i spent with her n hey amber thanks for listening, thanks for being so nice and thanks for giving me such a wonderful time would love to come again sometime

have had a permanent semi hard on ever since


I have waited for so long for Amber to visit Wellington and as soon as I saw that she was coming here I jumped in and made an appointment to see her. What a fantastic and sexy lady. My first suprise was when Amber told me that right next door was another incredibly hot red head named Eva and if I wanted to she would call her to come and join us in a double which I quickly agreed to making it a bi-double. Wow as some you may have read I first participated in such an agreement only for the first time in nearly 70 years just a couple of months ago. Well these two gorgeous and talented ladies certainly made sure I would enjoy this double so much that I just can’t wait for a repeat as soon as possible. Visual and sensory overload and such an incredible and sexy hour plus. I was more than sad when I finally had to leave and have had a permanent semi hard on ever since. Thank you both. It was a privilege to spend time with you both and participate in such an incredible and sexually fulfilling experience.

thank you Amber…


Well I saw Amber this evening and had a great time, I am not going to go into the details, they are between Amber and I, suffice to say that all my anticipation and expectations of Amber were well and truly exceeded, thank you Amber…




a simply stunning redhaired goddess.


New Years Eve and needing a treat so contacted Amber as I had been trying to visit her for a long time. Talked on phone to arrange time that suited both of us. A few texts later and I was standing outside her Boudouir with much anticipation. The door opened and standing there was a simply stunning redhaired goddess. Welcomed imside with a kiss and cuddle then upstairs following her beautiful derriere which was a sight to make any grown man think he had died and gone to heaven. Formalities out of the way then both of us into the shower although I had to make an excuse to watch Amber take her clothes off including her corset which was great to watch. A nice shower together to get to know each other a little more intimately which Is a very nice touch and maybe more girls could do this with their clients as I know it turns me on a lot and is fun for both parties I think. Then out of the shower and on to the bed where we kissed for a while while just talking about life in general before the conversation got back to sex when Amber asked me if she could give me a BJ which I agreed to in a flash. This was a treat as she gave me a fantastic BJ followed by her climbing on top of me for a little cowgirl. After that it was a bit of a blur as we tried a lot of different positions giving both of us a lot of pleasure and a very happy ending to the hour for us both. It was a great hour together and seemed to fly by but spending it with a lady like Amber the Goddess was a fantastic way to end the year. She is a very sexy lady with body to die for and a personality to match.

Energetic and vibrant, humourous and considerate, tender yet passionate.


When I joined another site I was welcomed by 3 lovely ladies within minutes, one of whom was the lovely Amber. I promised myself that I would meet up with her and thank her personally if I ever went to Christchurch. Luckily for me, Amber came to Auckland for a few days in late November and I was honoured to be able to meet this special lady in all her glory.

What a beautiful lady. So brave and exciting, so intelligent and gracious. Earlier I had read excerpts of her exciting life on her fantastic blog. So honest and forthcoming with what she reveals about herself and what marvellous life experiences she has both enjoyed and endured. I wondered how she had experienced so much in such a short time until she told me she was 49. I was staggered. Our session reflected her personality. Energetic and vibrant, humourous and considerate, tender yet passionate. It was wonderful. This lady oozes sex in every pore. I was mesmerized by her attitude to life and the pleasure she enjoys giving with her fantastic service. We even kept being affectionate in the shower as I struggled to say goodbye. I still tremble when I think of her, even after 4 weeks. Amber – The jewel in the crown. Thank you so much.

things ended with a crash of cymbals and there i lay, spent, speechless, and serene.


I can thoroughly recommend Amber’s phone sex experience – having just had one to write home about – dreamy, sexy voice that you can get lost in, with an underlying assertive, energetic style. i have had my share of PS in my time, but this was so good, I could barely speak. For my fantasy, I plucked something off Amber’s blog about the time she was doing a bi-double and the girl and the guy were getting it on in the shower front of her. Lucky me was substituted for the guy with Amber having no compunction about inserting herself as the female (if you’ll pardon the pun). I get shy at this point about relating the nitty-gritty (that’s kinda private I reckon). Suffice to say things ended with a crash of cymbals and there i lay, spent, speechless, and serene. Thank you Amber for an extraordinary experience

very sexy and sensual, a really intelligent and interesting person


After a few years of punting in Auckland, one day I was surfing the web and found Amber’s blog. Reading the blog I got intrigued about who she was and thought that Amber was someone that I wanted to meet. Looking at her photo’s sealed it, just how to get to Christchurch.

A few weeks later I got a break, as I had to go to Christchurch, for work. It was also for 2 days, which meet I had spare time in the evening. So onto the phone to call Amber and arrange a time to catch up. We had a delightful conversation on the phone. She went out of her way to see me, even though she was not working at the time I was there, as I was coming from Auckland.

The day arrived and I struggled to focus on work. I daydreamed all day while I waited for the time to see Amber. We exchanged text to confirm and I rushed over to her place. Seeing her for the first time, she looked even better than her photos. I can still see her cute arse and stunning legs as I followed her up the stairs to her room. In the room, once the door was closed we … (sorry I will not discuss intimate details).

After seeing a few ladies over the years, Amber was the best lady had I have ever meet. Head and shoulders above the others. She is very sexy and sensual, a really intelligent and interesting person, and so much fun to spend time with. I just enjoyed our ‘be with’ time together.

I’m now working hard to get back to Christchurch, just so I can see her again.


I was without a trace of doubt the most blessed man on Earth.



Having seen many ladies over the years one becomes accustomed to stunning beautiful and occasionally intelligent women, but then I met Amber who is Stunning Fiery Red with a mind that surpasses her physical beauty. It is a struggle to find words that can adequately convey just what a special lady she is. I feel a connection with her that almost spiritual, it feels right to be with her and when I left her I felt that I was without a trace of doubt the most blessed man on Earth.

All I can say is that she is the perfect woman and I can only offer her my total recommendation, because she achieves excellence in all areas. She is unique and should be treasured above all others.


My times with Amber were some of the best sexual experiences as well as some of the most fun conversations I have ever had.


Looking for words to describe Amber and the sensational time you spend with her simply don’t do her justice from the first time you lock eyes. She is an amazing woman with a body to launch a thousand ships and the face, attitude, and skills to make anyone bow at her feet. 🙂 Without waxing too much poetic, Amber is simply and, without question, one of the best at what she does, which is make you feel like the most wanted person on the planet, bar none.

My times with Amber were some of the best sexual experiences as well as some of the most fun conversations I have ever had. Please take my advice, “with you” time is some of the deepest, most meaningful and relaxing experiences you will have.

Ok, I could go on forever but, to all who read this, Amber is the kind of person everyone should meet at least once in their lives…

Still a very happy man,


I had a particular fantasy I wanted to play out and Amber played the part perfectly.


Well I decided to try something different tonight – phone sex. Never done it before and thought why not, I had the night to myself. I saw a mention of her website on these forums and went for it. It was really easy to arrange, I just made a quick money transfer online, txt Amber and when the agreed time arrived called her number.

I had a particular fantasy I wanted to play out and Amber played the part perfectly, she sounded so friendly and very sensual so I didn’t have any of the expected nerves. Needless to say I enjoyed myself and I’m thinking it might be something I do from time to time now, so easy, doesn’t cost much and I’m not a punter (yet?) so it helped satiate some naughty thoughts.

Thanks Amber, I’ll be in touch, may even be in chch one day.

For more information about phone sex please read these blog posts, TALK DIRTY TO ME and THE JOY OF (PHONE) SEX.

you will not be disappointed, she would put anyone at ease.


Great review NSN (See previous post)

I can vouch for him on this one. I had a long session with Amber which was awesome, So long we even had a break to go out for a meal half way through lol! I could have stayed twice the time with Amber as she is just such great company as well as being very hot. I can’t wait for her to come back am even planning a little trip down south to see her. I did meet Heer whilst she was here but not as a client and yes, she does have a great smile and is very attractive, maybe after your review I should invite her to join Amber and me next time

If you ever get the chance to visit Amber you will not be disappointed, she would put anyone at ease. She is very intelligent and can hold a good conversation. We are the same age although she does look a lot younger. I am missing her already!

I reckoned I need a pick-me-up and thought “why not?”


I had been intrigued about Amber since her last visit to Nelson. I read (and can recommend) her blog, but missed her last visit. My challenge was, however, that Amber was again travelling with the lovely Heer – and she is a girl that simply cannot be missed. What to do? They were only in Nelson for 3 days …

The obvious answer was a three-some. At the time I was mentally and physically at a very low ebb, but I hadn’t engaged a three-some before, so I reckoned I need a pick-me-up and thought “why not?”

I met the ladies at one of the usual haunts, with a big smile from Heer at the door. Amber greeted me with a hug and a kiss, and very quickly led me to the bedroom for more kissing and cuddling while Heer got the shower warm. I had booked a slightly longer session – I considered that each of the two ladies deserved to the enjoyed without rush – and, well, with two of them … it was always going to be better with more time.

The shower was fun. Two smiling faces, four breasts, four hands, two mouths, lots of soap … wow.

We dried off and returned to the bedroom. I won’t say much about what followed other than this: for me, pleasure is something best shared – it’s equally fulfilling to please a woman as it is to enjoy that pleasure myself. That’s something easier to do with someone you are already familiar with, but also with the level of trust and openness and professionalism and sexuality of both ladies. It was a very busy, but very good, experience.

While very different, almost opposites in some respects, both Heer and Amber are both excellent in what they do, the attitude they bring, and the way they do what they do. Heer is a svelte 20-something with a gorgeous smile, abs of steel, a great bum, and amazing breasts – and did I mention the sweet smile? Amber is a smoldering 30+ red-head with an hourglass figure, flawless skin, a great sexual appetite, and I defy you to guess her age. Go on – have a close inspection and have a guess – I’m certain you’ll guess wrong. She is proof that age is what you make it – a very interesting lady.

Both Heer and Amber will be back in Nelson again – probably in the New Year. If any guys are on the fence, tempted or curious, then I can certainly recommend both of these beautiful ladies – individually or together. Don’t hesitate though, they will be booked out quickly – and don’t dare book before I do.

I look forward to seeing them both again, they’re both a joy to be with, great at what they do, and they both do their profession proud. Recommended.

She is very down-to-earth and makes you feel at ease and comfortable.


I had a lovely booking with Miss Amber O’Hara, while she was here in WellyTown.

Our communication before the booking was great and she informed me of the protocols of the premises, where she was staying. Very considerate.

She is very down-to-earth and makes you feel at ease and comfortable. And it was the little things, that made this booking a great one. Like changing from something discrete (for meeting me in the lobby) to something sensual, then undressing again and joining me in the shower. It certainly makes you appreciate a lady, who knows her craft. Kind, considerate and very sensual. Such a great time.

So, to Miss O’Hara, I thank you and hope WellyTown has treated you kindly. Hopefully, I will see you in our fair city once again.

what a great service Amber provides


I had a wonderful time with Amber today, she is stunning redheaded seductress; as well as being great company. Did I mention the beautiful red hair, and what a great service Amber provides?

Hopefully we can tempt her back to Wellington soon?

from a really true GFE to a lot more raunchy I left, well over my time with a big grin on my face.


Amber is back, Yey!

Ok so I reviewed her when she first came a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait for her next visit.

This time I was in early when I found out when she was arriving and went for a longer session. Boy, was I not disappointed, a few flirty texts and met with a big smile and a passionate kiss. The next few hours were, for me, perfect in every way, from a really true GFE to a lot more raunchy I left, well over my time with a big grin on my face.

If you miss out whilst she is here, you only have yourself to blame, I think if I lived in Christchurch I would be very poor as she could become very addictive for me

Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip Amber and enjoy the present I got ya xx

stunning looking with great eyes and the hair that is on fire.


In a word, WOW! Ok so I haven’t punted much lately but have to say what a way to make a comeback!

I was looking forward to her visit, liked her ad and blog so thought “why not?” I was prepared for someone with a good body but older looking but I’m no spring chicken and not into young girls so gave it a go. When she opened the door I thought I had the wrong place, she looks well under her advertised early forties age and could easy pass for 35, stunning looking with great eyes and the hair that is on fire. Met with a passionate kiss and well, won’t go into details but it was the best time I have ever had. I could have stayed all night with her. Treat her well guys, she is special, If you miss out you only have yourself to blame but I will be back tomorrow, Thanks so much Amber for coming to Nelson, see you real soon M xx

Unbelievably beautiful


By cunnilingusexpert

Unbelievably beautiful and excellent in everything she does. Thank you Amber for the most sensual experiences of my life so far!

I felt like a million dollars


The limerick – Amber O’Hara in Napier

‘Twas off to Napier we went.

Crikey, don’t ask how much was spent!

Cos the weekend of fucking

Kissing and sucking

Was worth every goddamn cent!

Napier airport
It was Friday, my car still had that new car smell, my favourite music was playing, the sun was shining and I was wearing shades. I felt like a million dollars as I headed to Napier Airport to collect a VIP.

Her plane landed and she was one of the first to alight. I smiled long before she could see me. In a few seconds there she was in front of me – Amber O’Hara! My favourite working girl. Magnificently it would be almost 48 hours before we would return to the airport.

The apartment
Our apartment was in a landmark building on Marine Parade. It was large, very large in fact, luxurious with high ceilings and gorgeous views of the bay immediately across the road. After a bath Amber and I were soon hugging, kissing, laughing and having sex. We enjoyed catching up with each other’s news and the time passed so quickly that by the time we left the apartment it was too late to secure a booking at a restaurant so we went to McDonalds. We sat close to each other in a booth chatting. It was bliss.

The apartment was perfectly located and on Sunday morning while Amber was luxuriating in the bath I went for a jog along Marine Parade.

Activities outside the bedroom
During our stay we visited Bluff Hill, Te Mata Peak, Hastings, the Mission Estate, Centennial Gardens, restaurants, cafes and walked along the Parade. We also caught a movie called War Dogs which Amber has reviewed positively elsewhere. It is a bloody good movie. One restaurant we visited called Bistronomy deserves special mention because it’s as good as any I’ve eaten in. We each had four courses and each was superb in taste and presentation. Both Amber and I were really impressed. It’s one of those places that describe what’s on your plate when they bring it to you but they do so non-pretentiously. It was serendipitous that we ended up here because it was our third choice as our first and second choices were fully booked.

Amber was really impressed with Napier and it was my pleasure to be able to show it to her. It sounds like we did a lot but in fact our approach to things was quite relaxed. Both days started with a leisurely magnificent breakfast in the apartment and as Amber and I have been big fans of afternoon delight in other bookings, we made sure that our Friday and Saturday afternoons effortlessly segued into long and leisurely affectionate sexual reunions.

We’ve been fucking
When I collected Amber from the airport we bumped into Abby who had been on the same flight as Amber. She accepted our offer to drop her to her motel and the next day we collected her to take her grocery shopping. When she hopped in the car she enquired as to what we’d been up to since we last saw her. Without pause Amber said “we’ve been fucking” which was both true and funny. I add this lest this review look too much like a Trip-Adviser review.

Amber O’Hara is still number one
Amber is sexy, sensual, gorgeous, sophisticated, creative, educated, smart, funny and kind. It’s very easy to say that but in all sincerity each of these adjectives is accurate. I’ve seen her in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and now Napier. I’m comfortable in her company. That feeling of comfort does not however come at the price of excitement which for me is still ever present even though our bookings are now numbering into the twenties.

With the exception of the “sleeping girlfriend experience” booking – see above What is SGE? – our previous bookings were all multi-hour bookings. Never having overnighted before I was a little apprehensive about how the booking would go. To be honest I was worried about annoying Amber. Amber however is the quintessential professional and the whole weekend was perfect and was everything I wanted it to be. It was a treat, the extent of which I had never treated myself before. It was also memorable and I’ll not forget it. I still smile when I think about it.

A few practical tips in no particular order
I’m hardly the overnighter/weekend guru. Despite that I offer some tips to those who haven’t experienced one yet and I hope that they are read in the spirit in which they are offered.

Before the weekend I was very conscious of the fact that no matter how well people get on, things are better if they can both have a little bit of alone time during a weekend away. Getting a large apartment or large suite helps. A bedroom and separate lounge are probably a minimum. I won’t go into details but will simply say that we achieved this quite naturally during the weekend.

You will have more fun if your companion has fun so enquire beforehand about the sort of activities that she likes to do.

Have sufficient extra funds to be able to dine out and do activities. You’ve invested a lot in the booking, airfares and accommodation so there’s no point in skimping on the things that will make it memorable. This is from the man who treated Amber to the haute cuisine of McDonalds on the first night!

It’s not a 48-hour fuck-a-thon.

Just be yourself. Allow her to feel secure in being herself if she wants too.

Have fun.

A big thank you
We don’t know when we will see each other again as Amber is pursuing creative pursuits and is semi-retired with no plans to tour Wellington in the foreseeable future. This is one of the numerous things I like about her. Whilst I have enjoyed taking a day off to fly around the country to meet her, the pressures of work are making that difficult. Most of our visits have been four hours long and when you add in flying time and the fact that I live some distance from the closest airport it makes for quite a long day. Frequently I’ve arrived home about 12 hours after I left.

It is appropriate then at this point in time to give thanks and say that even If I never saw her again I will never forget her. I will always be grateful to her for her kindness, friendliness and professionalism. Sex workers can make a difference in people’s life. She has in mine.

Despite the sentiment expressed I can say that I feel very well grounded and really just enjoy spending time with a friend.

Addendum: Since making the above statement about not knowing when next I’ve thought bugger it and now I’m flying to Christchurch next month for a booking!

Pierre de Fermat