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Photo taken: March 2022. (Not image-enhanced)

I’m now in my late 50s. I enjoy sex work which exists intermittently around my other (non-sex work) life.  I intend to continue sex work until I am 69 years old (or beyond).  I am still surprised by the interest in mature ladies, even the menopausal. I occasionally advertise although many clients find me through this website and use the phone number here to book me.

After taking massage lessons, I have recently also been offering sensual massage sessions (with no full service).  These massages, using a variety of strokes and pressures, move extremely slowly and end very satisfyingly, in deliciously erotic ways.  For my massage services, I have a new persona, Marlena Cortin-One, which is a drag-style name inspired by a gene receptor that only redheads have.  I am presently renovating a room only for massage.

I am based in Christchurch.  Although sex work is legal in New Zealand, Christchurch council bylaws can make finding accommodation to do sex work difficult.  The house I work from complies fully with the bylaws.  I occasionally work with other sex workers.

I pay tax, including goods and services tax. Because of sex work, I have paid off a mortgage and am able to live a simple life.

I do not engage as much on social media as in the past, although my Facebook page is still going.  I also spend less time on forums and choose not to belong to any sex worker-run forums or discords.  My twitter description says: Mature and intelligent, I am lucky enough to meet men from all walks of life on a daily basis and have interesting, enriching conversations and other fun.

I am a film nut.  Knowing the huge amount of team effort involved, from thinking of and creating every aspect of a film to post-production and marketing, I admire anyone who plays a part in manifesting even the lowliest of productions (as I read through the film credits to the end).  To have been involved in production of even one film must take a special kind of dedication which I am in awe of.

I easily watch between two and ten films a week, depending on what else I am involved with.  My all-time favourite film was made in the 1980s.  I also consume several non-fiction audio books per month, usually while going somewhere.

I pursue a goal of year-round fragrance in my garden, where I have several sitting areas.  I spend time there at least twice a day. Like most gardens, mine is always a work in progress. My garden sparks joy, a calm kind of joy.

The spirit of my garden is like a Higher Power. I have been following a 12 step programme, ie recovery from addiction, for over three decades now – one day at a time.

I value time spent with my large family, of whom I am extremely proud. We are a close, protective unit.  I catch up with my loved ones in person as often as we can. My significant family members know that I have been and still am a sex worker. Those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.

I mean to update my blog regularly but I deleted my last blog post.  Instead, I enjoy creating 5-7-5 haiku about sex work and sex:

As a sex worker / prostitution haiku are / cerebral pleasures.

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