Men’s fantasies – Girl Friend Experience (GFE)

GFE (Girl Friend Experience)Amber O’Hara’s mirror selfie in her boudoir

Men who are single or whose partners are choosing to abstain from sex often have a desire or a fantasy for a more intimate and connecting sexual experience as if they were in the bed of a hot girlfriend who will not smack his hand or make him feel like he is pestering her for sex when he attempts foreplay.

Things have changed since back in the day when a working girl could get away with starfish sex and still get paid, nowadays clients of sex workers have higher expectations and expect a more passionate experience with a beautiful, warm-hearted lady, which is how I guess the term GFE for Girl Friend Experience was coined.  This would be a more enthusiastic and loving interlude than the standard full-service which has in the past had a reputation for being too clinical.  In the old days, seeing a hooker was a bit of a sordid affair and a man had to be in and out without wasting too much time in case the cops came and raided the place and he ended up with his name, photo and occupation splashed across the front of the newspaper as if he was living in modern day Sweden.

A man can see a sex worker and relax in her comfy boudoir, like mine in the photo above, enjoy a bit of conversation, have a laugh, enjoy french kissing, embracing, fondling, mutual oral and at least one orgasm can likely be had.  His kisses and caresses will probably not be rebuffed (although he may find himself gently guided to a different spot which promises more pleasure) and if at home he feels like he ‘aint gonna get any’ because he forgot to do the vacuuming, perhaps seeing a sex worker for some GFE is the thing to do.

Unlike PSE, which by its nature is more active and showy, GFE is more sensual and laid back.  But not so laid back that you’re both sitting in front of the telly in your tracky-dacks eating chips.  The sex worker should be glamorous and indulgent and the atmosphere should be inviting and allow the client to feel hedonistic and desired.  Like lying naked with a glamourous girlfriend who is eager to please, ideally it’s such a treat that you could almost believe that she loves you back.

Pluses: More of a chance to be intimate and connect with a lady even if it is a bit faux.  It’s an economical and time-saving alternative to wining and dining, without having to feel obliged to send flowers the next day or make another date.  Of course if you leave feeling like a sultan, you can still send flowers and pre-bookings are always appreciated.

Cons: She’s not your girlfriend.


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