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Let It Be Known


I really love what I do.  I honestly feel that what I do helps mankind and is almost a spiritual service.  I don’t mind if you laugh.  I’m not saying I’m holy, or godly – I realise I’m the polar opposite of a nun.  But I know that I’ve helped people through this line of work and I love the feeling of intimacy and closeness where it feels like a there is almost the power of a deity in such union.  As opposed to two people having a fuck, although that is obviously nice too.

When given some warm encouragement and a receptive environment, not to mention a willing, horny woman, some men have really come into their own

I have met all kinds of men, including those who claim to be unconfident sexually, who have told me that they have a belief that due to repression, their natural sexual notions are no longer active.  Never underestimate the instincts of men though.  Men, who have humbly asked for a few pointers, when given some warm encouragement and a receptive environment, not to mention a willing, horny woman, have really come into their own.  That’s why I know I’m doing the right thing for now and truly get job satisfaction, as it were, in more ways than one.

As much as I love this job though, I still have to keep myself safe.  This means emotionally, so if things are getting too heavy there, I’m afraid I will have to draw things to a close.  It also means I have to take care of my lady parts, for these are essentially tools of my trade.

So why would I mess this up for myself by risking getting a sexually transmitted disease?

Let it be known, that I, Amber O’Hara, do not, and would not ever, have sex with a client, including giving fellatio, without a condom.  So please don’t text me and ask.

For some reason, I have had texts this week from idiots asking how much extra it costs to have unprotected sex.  Obviously their numbers have been immediately blocked and to save other ladies from inadvertently having to deal with these people I have done the right thing and shared the phone numbers of these morons with them.


To the texters, I would like to say: really, what are you thinking???  You are practically contenders for the Darwin award.  If a hooker ever offers or agrees to give you unprotected services, run far away.  Run especially fast if you happen to have another lover, ie a wife or partner, who you normally have unprotected sex with.  You might have some bad karma owing, but does your innocent partner unwittingly deserve some of the same?

We all know intelligent men are sexy men - at least that is my not so humble opinion.

To the other gentlemen who go about making bookings in the normal way, enquiring about services like mature people and never dreaming of unprotected sex with a sex worker, I hope to see you soon.  I’m sorry to have ruined this blog post by being a bit cranky, but to the lovely men who do not bat an eyelid when condoms are rolled over their penises with my lips, I acknowledge your very wise self-preservation tendencies.  And we all know intelligent men are sexy men – at least that’s my not so humble opinion.

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  2. […] includes for oral sex. Do not attempt to remove or break the condom. Also, avoid sex workers who offer or allow sex without a condom (it is highly unlikely that this would be advertised). This is an unprofessional and illegal […]

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