Lady on lady sex work adventures

rosetti-golden-headGolden Head by Golden Head, illustration by Dante Rossetti for Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Marketand Other Poems (1862)

Golden head by golden head,
Like two pigeons in one nest
Folded in each other’s wings,
They lay down in their curtained bed

Christina Rossetti in Goblin Market

It’s not just men who enjoy sexy times with sex workers.

Admittedly, the majority of sex workers’ clients are men.  But we also see the occasional couple, in fact my latest Amazon kindle book is about a couple’s booking.  Not a real life couple’s booking: the characters I write about in my Amazon erotica are entirely fictional.

But back to ladies who visit sex workers – what do they actually expect?  The answers are many and varied, but from the woman’s point of view, these can include a sexual awakening or development of a fantasy, a no-strings release, and/or a beautiful sensuous bodily experience that may or may not result in an orgasm, or all of the above.

If it is a couple’s booking, the intention of the client couple is sometimes to enhance their relationship or experiment with other aspects of sexuality by involving a discreet, willing third partner, who will keep the experience strictly confidential and not expect or demand future inclusion.  Sometimes couples request the services of a sex worker to celebrate a special occasion or a milestone in their relationship.

Occasionally single women also see sex workers.  One lesbian lady described her experience beautifully in a letter to sex work blogger Maggie McNeill.

Also, here is my description from a review I wrote about my own recent experience visiting a sex worker friend of mine:

Lately I’ve been feeling like I wanted to do something really special for myself and I wanted it to be sensual. Obviously in this line of work I get plenty of sex and many pleasurable orgasms but I was in the mood for a lady’s touch so I rang my friend Maria and asked if she could give me one of her specialty sessions ending in a yoni massage, (or erotic pussy massage).  I didn’t want her to feel put on the spot, as I am her friend so it could have been awkward, but she said she is always honoured and privileged to have ladies on her table.

I really love her attitude and passion for her work and I know she does a lot of professional development, attending workshops etc and is very open-minded about sexuality.

So I’d been super aroused all week since the booking was made and as I drove to Maria’s I felt a little flutter of nervousness but I was so excited, there was no way I was turning back.

It began in a very relaxed way with deciding how far things would go and basically we decided we would go with the flow. Next we both disrobed, I lay on the table and beautiful Maria was tipping warm oil all over me and massaging and caressing my body.

I was so relaxed and my senses were heightened. It was so erotic watching Maria touching me and I just let myself respond accordingly. The yoni massage was magical – Maria is so good at what she does. Instinctively she knew where to go next and the sexual energy was almost bouncing off the walls, (but in a very easy and sensual way).
More ladies could do this for themselves and I think if there are any dudes wanting to give their significant others something for special occasions this is a very reasonably priced treat with benefits on multiple levels, if you know what I mean. Thanks so much, Maria. Now I really feel spoilt. I hope I have done justice here to the amazing time we had.

Ladies who visit sex workers are not that different from male clients, in that they each have completely different desires and expectations.  For example, in the space of a few hours yesterday, I saw one man who requested a light, ticklish massage with cuddling and intimacy, and another young man who wished to be dominated, he became my “little slave boy.”  Both were exciting, erotic experiences for completely different reasons.

If you are a lady who has ever considered seeing a sex worker, the two ladies’ experiences (including mine) may not be what you have in mind.  But if it is something you have wanted to do to fulfil a fantasy, tick something off your bucket list, reawaken your interest in sex or just to outright get your rocks off in a different way from previously, I’d recommend phoning some escorts and trying to voice your requirements.  Sometimes it’s safer to dip your toe into exploring other sexual desires of yours with a professional who will not expect further engagement like a non-sex worker may.  It may not necessarily be something you wish to continue with, but just something you have always thought of having a taste of.

Traditionally we escorts are an open-minded, non-judgmental bunch.  Essentially it’s our job to help people enjoy themselves sexually.  I’ve mentioned before how important I believe it is for women to remain sexual and orgasmic.  Far be it for me to be telling people what to do with their sex lives, but there is no denying how good sex is for our health.  If interest has waned, sometimes a very gentle kickstart can help boost things along or some friendly discussion with a professional who can point one in the right direction, it needn’t be a lesbian encounter necessarily but escorts are also great for running ideas by – not a lot shocks us and we know a bit about pleasing men and pleasing ourselves, whether there is an “issue” there or not.

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