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Is it fun to be a sex worker?

Is it fun to be a sex worker?

Is it fun to be a sex worker?  My answer is yes, yes, yes and sometimes not so much.

If you are considering doing it, you are likely to meet lots of men, most of whom you would never come into contact with in daily life.  Fascinating, eager to please and very sexy men included.

Occasionally you meet someone who is not any of these things (and although that has not happened to me yet, I expect it will sooner or later).  If that happens however, you can rest assured that they will pick up on your lack of enthusiasm or lack of ability to connect in any way (not a criticism of either person, sometimes this just happens), and they will be unlikely to visit again.  The other consolation is with clients, bookings are for a fixed amount of time, in my case thirty or sixty minutes, and this can pass quickly if you are absolutely unable to make the best of the situation.  Imagine if this less-than-desirable scenario lasted longer, eg for a lifelong marriage, although the optimist in me believes this is likely to be rare.

But I have found that men who come and see sex workers are mostly very willing to make you, as their sex service provider, receive as much pleasure as you are willing to allow yourself.

It's kind of a way a #sexworker can preserve some innocence - yes, even #sexworkers are allowed to feel innocent.

In the old days, when I was a young sex worker, I didn’t go in for orgasms on the job really, and that sort of thing.  Mainly because it upset my little routine.  And I didn’t like the unexpected.  So any orgasms or vast amounts of pleasure which came my way were resisted, unless of course they accidentally came over me, which was slightly disconcerting.  As well as that, despite the fact that I had sex with dozens of clients, I actually wasn’t that experienced.  Sure, I knew how to give a good blow job and that, but I wasn’t really that familiar as I eventually became with my body, and some of the sensations my body felt as a result of sex acts performed on me by older and mostly more experienced clients (in the sense that they had had opportunities to experiment more than I) scared me a little.  I wanted to save my experimenting and learning and true intimacy for my private life.  It’s kind of a way a sex worker can preserve some innocence – yes, even sex workers are allowed to feel innocent.

Any complaints about working girls in parlours who don’t enthusiastically allow GFE could be unfair as they may have similar issues, or constraints on them, specifically time constraints in which a set routine of activities must fit – they may have been told that this is what the client is expecting.  (So anybody criticising these ladies must consider this possibility.)  Also, some sex workers have partners in their lives and some sexual experiences which are more intimate they prefer to keep for their loved ones.  Or they just don’t want to experiment that much, and why should they, I mean, really?  Unless they are offering PSE (porn star experience) should they really have to go further than they are comfortable with?  So long as they don’t over-promise in their advertising, where is the problem?

To make things feel normal to us, things have to fit within a parameter that we set ourselves.  Here in Christchurch, we are still adjusting to what is popularly known as the new normal.  I’ve actually forgotten what it is like to be carefree about my house, my job, the school my offspring attend, or the times I am apart from my family.  But back then that naive belief, that life goes on as normal and people in other countries live in ruined cities, was what we all had.

I had never been a sex worker in Christchurch before the earthquakes, so I didn’t take much notice of the fact that there were a lot of parlours, and probably you could just walk in and start work that day.  Now there are hardly any.  Being an independent sex worker, as scary as that may seem, is normal for most of us.  But it means I can decide where my own boundaries are.  Arrive when I want to, see as few or as many clients as I want to, and, so long as I do things legally, enjoy working the way I want to. 

I had one particular gentleman whom I absolutely adore because he spent so much time indulging me.

In other words, my normal is that I am an independent sex worker, I don’t have a partner in real life and I can do whatever the fuck I like with my clients!  If someone wants to provide an orgasmic or multi-orgasmic experience for me, I am more than happy to receive it.  Just sayin’.  Call me if you are wanting to do this for me, (half joking, which means I’m half serious).  And that is why it is fun to be a sex worker in this day and age.  I don’t have a set routine any more, and if it pleases my client to let me have as much fun as them, well, why not.  I had one particular gentleman whom I absolutely adore because he spent so much time indulging me.

How lucky I am!

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