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In praise of quickies

The_Persistence_of_MemoryThe Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

I have to say, I’m not much of a time-keeper in the room.  I never schedule bookings back to back, it is very rare that there isn’t enough time in between bookings for me to have myself and my boudoir looking just how I want it to be.  And when clients are with me, my attention is all on them and making sure they have the most enthralling time possible.  I also like us to wallow in each sensation as it occurs, and wallowing takes time.

So I never thought I would ever do a quickie (which is a short, usually 20 minute long booking) as I just could not see how we could fit everything in.

Then once I was on tour, and a young man called me and persisted with his request for a quickie.  My intuition told me that being a young dude, it was probably a struggle to come up with the extra $40 for the extra 10 minutes to have a 30 minute booking.  So my heart went out to him and I asked myself, why not?

I have to say, it was fun!  Remember when you were young, back in the day when sex outside of marriage was forbidden, and if you were doing it, you maybe had to do it fast because your parents were due home any minute?  Half the time you didn’t even bother taking all your clothes off?  As soon as you touched, you would be groping each other, before long, dry-humping and there would be that enticing bulge going on which required immediate freeing upon being noticed.

Well, 20 minute quickies are almost like that.

Perhaps not as proper as an elegant hour-long booking or dinner date, but I think that quickies definitely do have a place.  I’ve seen them advertised as a “20 minute special for the busy man”, and I think that has quite a nice ring to it.  You can imagine a horny man popping out for a dozen beer on a Saturday afternoon before the evening’s rugby in front of the telly, and no one being any the wiser when he gets back in 40 mins looking relaxed and ready for the game; or a tradesman popping out to Mitre 10 or Bunnings to pick something up, or price something, and coming back having got exactly what was needed; or a salesman having some time to kill before a presentation or something and arriving on time for the meeting not looking at all wound up.

Nobody can begrudge a man 20 minutes to have some fun, and it’s such a short time that it can just be explained away by being held up in traffic, or in a queue at the shop, or whatever thought has come to mind.  Also it’s such a little amount of money, some people spend as much at the casino, and it’s gone in less time and with even less thrill.

If allowed, life can also sidestep all its attendant mundanities and demonstrate its capacity to astonish; to remind you that you still have a capacity for the passionate.  The thing is, you have to permit yourself to embrace such potential wonderment. (Douglas Kennedy)

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