Flirting and Squirting


My Nanna when she was alive was an incorrigible flirt.  Even as she was dying in hospital, she was batting her eyelashes at and flirting with the male nurses, who were generous enough to humour her and play along.  She used to say that every man deserves to be flirted with, that it’s good for them.  I’ve inherited her philosophy.  I can’t help myself.  A man in any situation or mood will soon have a twinkle in his eye if a woman seizes the chance to flirt lightly with him, and an opportunity shouldn’t be passed over in my opinion.

It’s good for us to have a good, old-fashioned flirt.  I’m talking flirting, not sleazy, suggestive comments when out in the real world.  These are not appropriate for the general public for a woman or a man to be leering with language, but I am more than happy to give as good as I get in my boudoir should a man wish for the flirting to elevate to talking dirty.

Completely unrelated is squirting – or maybe it’s just a few steps forward from flirting.  Squirting is another thing, like the g-spot that some people are suspicious about.  Some think that it is just a woman urinating.  However, the liquid that happens during squirting does not resemble urine. Squirting as a service is sometimes provided by ladies who do PSE or who charge extra for it.  I maintain that it is not always easy to orgasm or squirt on demand, but I do have a friend who has been known to squirt up to 5 times in an hour.

I don’t advertise myself as a squirter as I do not do it on demand but I have enjoyed squirting with a couple of clients of mine.  One particular client I had loves to make women squirt and is very good at it, although when he’d told me he was going to on the phone, I did think “yeah, right”.  The dude who talks up his sexual prowess on the phone is sometimes the nightmare of most hookers as they can be just unsatisfying “try-hards,” (and trying too hard can result in painful lady parts).  Most men are unlikely to big-note like that but this guy was quite right about what he was able to do.  Much to my delight.

One theory is that most women, if they are able to come, are able to squirt, but the body during orgasm does not always allow for it to always be released if a woman is holding on tight while coming, which is often the natural inclination, or maybe it’s a learned thing (to be in control of the sensation or maybe not to lose control so that we don’t disturb the neighbours, or your parents who could be in the house or whatever and don’t realise the male guest staying over has snuck into your room, haha).  In fact I saw this theory discussed on Oprah so it must be true!sex workers

I know one thing and that is that I am always putty in the hands of a man who is generous enough to do things that cause me pleasure and especially if it involves his skill with making me squirt.  It is quite an extraordinary and mind-blowing sensation.  There are a few things in life that cause a strange and inimitable buzz of achievement – one is immediately after childbirth when being presented with your newborn babe, an indescribable feeling of pride and wonder for both parents – and incomparably of course, in its small, humble way, squirting is another; how did this sensation come to my body with this tangibility?

While flirting is actually quite a generous gesture that can brighten the day of another, squirting is, unmistakeably, the same, but obviously of a much more intimate nature.

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