Dunedin – here I come


The truth is I’m a touring working girl newbie.  I have met other touring working girls who have stayed in the house I work in, which is always fun, but I have never felt the urge to tour myself.  Why would I when I have a beautiful working situation set up here in Christchurch?

But occasionally I get a text from someone in Dunedin asking if I will be going down there.  I hadn’t really thought of it, and I’m not that fond of flying.  Until recently that is.

I am traveling with someone who has been staying at my house, who despite a lot of forum hullabaloo surrounding her due to her popularity, I have found to be a really sweet and down-to-earth person.  She has talked me into giving Dunedin a go.  We will be staying in nice, discrete working girl-friendly accommodation.

There is a risk in traveling to work, in that it costs money, (accommodation, flights, advertising) and lifts you out of your comfort zone.  None of my regular favourites will be turning up.  I don’t know the area I will be staying at, or where I can buy my normal supplies.  Will the clients like me?  Will I earn enough to cover costs?  Will I make a profit?  Should I text the gentlemen who contacted me and asked when I was going to visit?  (I think I had better not go that far for reasons to do with their privacy). These are all questions that cross the mind of a touring working girl.

I’m actually a little nervous and a little excited about it, all at the same time.  I am advertising through the usual channels and hopefully that will cause some lovely men to get in touch with me on my normal phone number +64 22 0748964 and find the time to see me.  I am sure they will make me feel welcome, just as when they are in my little room with me, I always do my best to make them feel welcome.  I like to think what I call good old fashioned hospitality is one thing I am good at and hopefully this will be appreciated by Dunedin gentleman who, I hear, pride themselves in being equally hospitable.  Imagine my delight!

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