Call me!

You may send me a text on +64 22 074 8964 but my request will be: please call me for a personal discussion about your desires.  However, as I am not really available for sex work before December 2017, be aware that I turn my phone off most of the time.  If I miss your call and you’ve left a message asking for a response, I will text you or call you back within a reasonable time if possible.

So while I don’t have time for many bookings, phone sex is still definitely an option, especially if you plan a few days ahead and make payment as we will have arranged.


Send me an email

My email address is amber.ohara69 at the standard gmail address suffix which is (I have written it here like this so I don’t get found by spambots.  Here is hoping it works.)  In the past, I could read and reply to all emails including on days when other advertising was down – the only exception being when I was heavily booked due to touring and not traveling with my laptop, however nowadays I’m simply not able to read and reply to every email as promptly as I used to be able to, and sometimes not at all.  Apologies in advance if you don’t hear back from me.  Please use the subject line to sum up your message if you’d like to be certain I respond to or read your email.

Tweet me a DM

If I follow you, you can send me a direct message via Twitter.  Find me there @amberohara69

What about Facebook?

Amber O’Hara’s account has been deactivated as I no longer have time to participate.

And other (advertising) websites and forums?

I don’t have as much time to participate on these anymore.