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Advice from a Client


Les Nymphes et le Satyre by William Bouguereau. 1873, Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts.

I welcome contributions from readers and clients, and while the contributor below has never been to see me, I gather he has chalked up quite a bit of experience seeing working ladies in his time.  Over to him:
I have been a subscriber to Wanton Acts for several months and I look forward to reading more of your blogs. I think I have read most of them and they are very well written and most informative. I have been a punter of working ladies for some twenty five or so years now and have had amazing experiences over the years, some good, some very good and some terrible ones.

So now that I am in my late fifties I feel I can contribute to your blog and would like to give your ‘working lady’ readers some advice based on my experiences over the years.

As we age we gain a lot of knowledge and are able to act on that knowledge, whether it is driving, cooking, your job, music (if you play music that is) and a great long list of others that includes the act of love making.

As I have aged I feel I have improved quite a lot in the art of sex and I’m sure it’s the same for working ladies as well. I certainly can’t last any longer than I did at twenty but the foreplay has much improved.

Just as I expect a good service from my mechanic, plumber or electrician, I also expect good service from my sex provider. If you’re a working lady and you want repeat custom, which you will only get from providing a good service, just like you expect from your mechanic or electrician, then read through the points below. You may not agree with some of them but I have experienced some strange attitudes and manners from working ladies from all walks of life and ages. You may ask, just how often this guy has visited a working lady, to be able to voice his opinions so strongly. Quite often actually and certainly enough to know that some ladies provide an excellent service while others, well…….read on.

– When advertising, be very honest with age, what services you offer and body size. Some of us prefer mature ladies and size 12 for example. Nothing worse than expecting a size 12 lady and when you arrive on the door step discover it’s closer to an 18 or 20. List your ethnic back ground. Never advertise that you are new to the industry or ‘first time’. I want experienced ladies.

– Don’t take on an appointment if you’re tired or are in the mind of ‘I’ve had enough of men and their cocks for today’. A punter doesn’t want to visit a lady that is negative about the appointment or tired. Just turn your phone off. Also if you have missed a punters phone call or text and he didn’t leave a message saying to ‘call me back’, don’t call him back. He may have decided to ‘flag it’ for the day and may have to explain the returned call or text to a wife or partner.

– Charge rates. Yes, you may be very attractive and have a model body at the tender age of twenty but in my experience you will have achieved the necessary experience to charge the top going rate in ten to fifteen years time. I’ve visited ladies at twenty, paid top dollar and had less than desirable service. I’ve also visited ladies (when I was about 25) twice my age that should have been charging the top rate. Because you have been sexually active since your early teens does not make you an experienced lover at twenty or twenty five. My choice of a working lady is from about thirty five up. And when I say up, I mean sixties.

– Operate from clean and tidy premises, place clean towels down for each of your clients. I don’t want to lay on your last punters…..well um… towel or bed cover. Also I don’t want to see empty condom packets or screwed up tissues anywhere in sight.

– Present yourself as a professional woman, greet the client in classy or sexy clothing. Wrapped in a towel just out of the shower just doesn’t cut it with me and don’t have clients passing in the doorway or driveway. Have at least a half hour break between clients to freshen up and prepare.

– Don’t smoke in your apartment, I don’t want to go home with my clothes smelling of smoke. Also don’t wear perfume. A wife can smell another woman’s perfume at 40 paces. Put nice smellies in the room. Provide a chair to put clothing on, it can also be handy for other little jobs too.

– Always make available and offer somewhere for the client to shower. I always want to shower before we cuddle up and I expect the lady to have done the same just before I arrive. There is nothing worse than to smell B O on the lady or in the room from dirty clothing. Also when I go down on the lady I don’t want to smell urine. Yuck….and I have. If you need to pee just before I arrive, use some wet wipes after.

– Don’t be in a hurry to strip off. I like to take your clothes off myself. Also don’t be in a hurry to grab the guy’s penis and stroke the living daylights out of it. Young and inexperienced ladies think that men just want to be wanked off. Well in a way that is true but in a sensual way. If I’m really horny and have ‘blue balls’ (yes, Amber, it does happen to some of us) I will ask for a handjob early in the session followed by a full service.

– Don’t ask if I’m married. If I am, I won’t be discussing it with you.

– You offer a sensual massage? Make it a sensual massage. Us guys like to have (well I do) a butt massage that includes inner thigh, some ball bag touching and some anal massage. If I want a full body massage I’ll go to the appropriate provider.

– You offer GFE? I’ve been offered GFE that has oral as extra, fingers as extra, even touching nipples was off the menu because, as she said, I only let my boyfriend suck them. Amber, as a working lady, can you please explain what is reasonable to expect from a, 1-sensual massage, 2-full service and 3-girl friend experience. (Keep reading my blog, these posts will be written in due course. – Amber)

– You don’t do anal? When asked what your service includes, say so then and don’t ask, why would you want anal when I am offering you my vagina if you’re asked. Some women offer anal, for extra, they may enjoy it or do it to get repeat custom or extra cash. It’s just another service.

– Learn what a prostate massage is or prostate milking is. Go Google it. No, its not yuck. You can use surgical gloves or a condom if you’re not happy to do it with your bare finger. Do it right, do it nice and I’ll be back. More working ladies should offer this service as part of the GFE service.

– Vocal ladies, as in moaning. The act of moaning is a ‘put off’. Please don’t insult my intelligence. Most men will usually know when a lady is getting some pleasure from sex. The tell tale signs of an engorged clitoris, quivering in the thighs, gentle sucking in of air, increased sensitivity of the skin (goose bumps), erect nipples and a few whispered ‘oh yes’s’ just to mention a few. Don’t be shy to tell the guy what’s good for you, we all have different desires and I don’t mind some guidance.

– Learn how to give a handjob to an uncut man. I think it must be different to a cut man, because I’ve had some terrible handjobs. The head of the uncut penis needs to be moist and grip the penis in such a way as to roll the foreskin back on the down stroke and roll it back over the head on the up stroke. A firm grip is required. I find that women are inclined to be a little light on the grip. May be that’s the difference between cut and uncut handjobs. Remember that the penis head is very sensitive at climax, just like the clitoris is. Stop stroking over the head the moment of ejaculation. Don’t rub it on your nipple or grab for the tissues to clean off (just a couple of my pet hates). Wait a couple of minutes until the orgasm has finished (yes it can continue for a minute or two after ejaculate) and remember that semen isn’t yuck. Some ladies let go of the penis and back off like its battery acid. You don’t expect a man to do the same when his fingers get moist from your vaginal fluids. While giving a handjob, cupping and fondling the balls is very nice and so is gentle massaging of the anus.

– Oral. Don’t say you’re an expert at oral, you may be a disappointed if told the truth. Also don’t offer oral without a condom. For a start it’s illegal and also reflects on your level of professionalism. Make sure you’re in a position that allows the man to see his penis enter your mouth and you are also able to make eye contact.

– One hour appointment is 60 minutes not 40 or 45 or when the client has cummed. Some women only allow you to cum once. I’ve been asked to leave parlours once I’ve cummed, being told no second shots sorry. They never get repeat custom from me. I find that when I’m very sexually aroused, as I am when I visit a sexy lady, I am very capable and usually want to cum a second time.

– Remember that men have big egos. Is the punter an ideal client and you would be happy to see him again? Well tell him he has a nice cock. If he’s well endowed, tell him he has a nice BIG cock. I hear you laugh. Well I heard that from a lady that had been in the business for many years and she told me it’s a trick that works. Gently stroke his ego as well as his cock and he’ll be back for more. I’ve had young and inexperienced working girls (that’s right, not women) tell me I should have my foreskin removed because it’s cleaner. No ego stroking here. Trust me my cock is clean under my foreskin. Refer to ….provide a shower.

The act of making love, whether it be, oral, hand relief, anal or vaginal intercourse it is a most amazing and mind-relaxing experience. Punters and working ladies alike should enjoy it, but as we all know it’s a transaction between a client and a provider. So just like going to a good restaurant the experience should be both pleasant and memorable.

Now for the guys reading this remember …..be polite, be friendly, be respectful, be kind, be on time, dress tidy, have a full and proper shower, shave (even consider your shaft and balls – I’ve never had so much ball licking and sucking performed on me since shaving the twins) wear deodorant, never pressure the lady to perform illegal acts (non condom), ask the price when making the booking and only negotiate it over the phone if you wish to and pay upon arrival without having to be asked. Remember it’s a verbal contract and the lady has legal rights. Did I mention……… be respectful, kind, friendly and polite……….

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